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Amrit Manthan is the unusual story of two sisters, Amrit and Nimrit, whose relationship sours in the wake of circumstances. Based in the town of Amritgarh (Punjab), they are the daughters of an erstwhile royal dynasty, which is facing financial ruin. Amrit is beautiful and arrogant, while Nimrit is shy and sensitive. Amrit falls in love with a wealthy commoner, Agam Malik, and agrees to get married to him. But, on the day of the wedding, Agam turns the tables on her and forces Nimrit to get married to him. This is to revenge a great wrong that Amrit had committed against him many years ago.
From here, the lives of the two sisters take a completely unexpected turn. Hurt and disappointed, Amrit swears revenge against her sister. Nimrit slowly wins Agam's heart and inspires him to forget his bitterness regarding the past. Amrit tries to kill her sister, but Nimrit survives, even though her face is badly disfigured. A wealthy middle-age man, Mr. Oberoi, finds a badly injured Nimrit by the wayside. He takes care of her and arranges for her medical treatment. With the help of a plastic surgeon, Nimrit gets a new face - the same face as Oberoi's daughter Natasha, who was killed in a road accident. Nimrit returns to Amritgarh as Natasha, only to get the worst shock of her life - Agam has seemingly forgotten her and married Amrit! With Oberoi's help, Nimrit/Natasha starts taking revenge against Amrit. The two sisters, who were the best of friends, have become the worst of enemies.
Cast: Dimple Jhangiani, Ankita Sharma, Navi Bhangu, Waseem Mushtaq, Mohan Kapoor, Nandita Puri, Amardeep Jha, Karan Mehra, Charu Asopa, Dimple Jhangiani, Navi Bhangu, Amit Dhawan, SP Lalwani, Kishwer Merchantt.

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