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Geet fans restore their fav show's Facebook page...kudos...hi-five here...

Geet fans restore their fav show's Facebook page...kudos...hi-five here...

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anything for our inseparable MAANEET

hard work pays off...Almighty is always there for the right people and for the right cause. We love our MAANEET like anything and will continue loving them till we survive.....they reside safely in our heart's core and GEET page is like our ultimate destination and home.How could we let the page get vanished for some ill intentions!kudos to all MAANEETIANS :) may Almighty keep our bond with MAANEET everfresh

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my maaneet is the best

Anonymous (not verified)
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Thanks tellychakkar for acknowledging geet fans

Thanks telly chakkar for acknowledging & sharing pain of geet fans,who just wanted their second home for their show GHSP.WE are happy Gul khan has given us a FAb show & a fabulous magical onscreen couple gurmeet & drashti as leads as maan & geet. ya we are happy that page is restored immediately ,that was an active page where fans were cherishing their show, it should not be a problem to ADMN (ie mrs gul khan & gorkyji ), actress or actor.UNique things never die, replicas always face critisism.

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we maaneetiens can do

we maaneetiens can do anything 4 maaneet our luv 4 maaneet is undescriable they r our lives its really sad that the PH and geet crew and cast dont remember the luv they got through geet from us but it is not in our control 2 luv them we still luv gurti and we r waiting 4 their comeback as gurti not as dd or gc they copycats r no where close 2 them

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Yes, they are a tremendous pair on TV. Like sharukh and Kajol/Hrithik and aishwarya. Waiting to see them back in a romantic serial

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