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I believe in the institution of marriage and not living-in: Rithvik Dhanjani

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COMMENTS FOR I believe in the institution of marriage and not living-in: Rithvik Dhanjani
Kitty's picture
08 Jul 2013 07:08 PM - Kitty (not verified)
Good answers your honesty..muahh
Give us more :)'s picture
08 Jul 2013 09:13 PM - Give us more :) (not verified)
Thanks a lot for the interview. Love Rithvik, keep giving us more interviews of him.
sana's picture
08 Jul 2013 09:56 PM - sana (not verified)
very nice answer really without any fake
nabita thapa's picture
09 Jul 2013 08:57 AM - nabita thapa (not verified)
love u rithvik u r a sweet and rocking personality. Also want interview of asha TT pls.
PRfan's picture
10 Jul 2013 01:52 PM - PRfan (not verified)
Since when is Rithvik a magician? I think you're confused with Shakti Arora.
dhanu's picture
14 Jul 2013 12:55 AM - dhanu (not verified)
tellychakkar is confused with shakti arora cause ritwik is not magician.
zinat khan's picture
31 Jul 2013 02:01 AM - zinat khan (not verified)
U are a really nice guy
neetu 's picture
24 Aug 2013 04:56 PM - neetu (not verified)
very smart replies..........i like ur way of acting
Najma's picture
02 Dec 2013 10:15 PM - Najma (not verified)
Fabulous and genuine replies ..loved it :)