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05 Mar 2015 10:03 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Gabbar, Dances, Wishes and Holi
Gabbar, Dances, Wishes and Holi | watch it
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Life is incomplete without the element of love - Rati Pandey

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COMMENTS FOR Life is incomplete without the element of love - Rati Pandey
Go away's picture
13 Jan 2014 10:01 PM - Go away (not verified)
The craziesh rumour should be for Sumit not for you. You are too old for him
eeza's picture
11 Jan 2014 01:39 PM - eeza (not verified)
we are eagerly waiting for your comeback rati! ..wehope to hear the good news soon! stay blessed. always!
kismis's picture
11 Jan 2014 01:26 PM - kismis (not verified)
none wants date with girlish sumit .hunar hali muahh
Tinaa's picture
11 Jan 2014 12:58 PM - Tinaa (not verified)
Rati .... come back soon please
Praveena's picture
11 Jan 2014 10:36 AM - Praveena (not verified)
i love your answers... perfect Please come back soon, missing you
Ishita.'s picture
11 Jan 2014 03:25 AM - Ishita. (not verified)
Come back soon rati plss
Nancy's picture
11 Jan 2014 03:21 AM - Nancy (not verified)
You gave great answers Rati :D missing you , come back soon
LailaM's picture
11 Jan 2014 03:20 AM - LailaM (not verified)
Thankyou for the article TC! Love all your answers Rati please come back soon