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29 Oct 2013 05:43 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Caught on Camera: Tanisha kissing Armaan in Bigg Boss
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COMMENTS FOR Caught on Camera: Tanisha kissing Armaan in Bigg Boss
PDD's picture
30 Oct 2013 04:47 PM - PDD (not verified)
No. I don't think it is kiss, but looks whisperring.
Suvarna Sharma's picture
30 Oct 2013 03:46 PM - Suvarna Sharma (not verified)
kushal z d disgustng guy.............really pandit was ryt abt his carrier...........lolzzz SAlman was absolutly ryt for supprting tanisha...........!!
anita karyakarte's picture
30 Oct 2013 07:35 PM - anita karyakarte (not verified)
yes i agree with u rozy atleast kushal n gauhar do what they want openly not like tan man is smoking area ugghi hate her
Rozy's picture
30 Oct 2013 12:47 AM - Rozy (not verified)
i used to like tanishaa bfore now i dont like her...she has changed. salman is very biased towards tanishaa cuz she is a family friend.
Raja Hindustani's picture
29 Oct 2013 07:17 PM - Raja Hindustani (not verified)
it seems fake!! Morphed!!
preeti's picture
29 Oct 2013 05:59 PM - preeti (not verified)
Lol aditya chopra ko kiss kr skti h toh armaan bhudde kya cheez h......despo
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