Daanav Hunters

Show Concept

Our ancient stories and myths are rife with tales of battles between good and evil wherein good always defeats evil. However, evil is never truly destroyed. It only bides its time in the shadows, awaiting an opportunity to strike and make its presence known to humanity.

The world as we know it is an imagined reality with the ancient evil still present, using human forms to carry out its diabolical plans. Planning a Mahayagya, the descendants of this ancient evil, the Daanavs, are reviving Maya, the mother of all Asuras. Their foul plans are underway - the destruction of humanity their sole purpose. All that stands between them and the destruction of our world is a clandestine team keeping evil at bay.

Daanav Hunters chronicles the adventures of Professor Bhagawat and his team who’ve made it their mission to keep and restore peace whenever these Daanavs surface. With a team of four, Professor Bhagawat’s team consists of Major Arkin, an ex-army officer and the team’s stand-in leader, Professor Gordon, the mad and lovable junkyard scientist, Shoondi, an Aghori outcast who is the living encyclopedia on all things supernatural, and Vanya, professor Bhagawat’s daughter, who becomes the latest addition to the team. Together they make up the Daanav Hunters and the last hope for humanity.


Basic Info
On Air Since: 
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - 21:00
Epic Television Networks Pvt. Ltd
Production Company: 
Bellyful of Dreams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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