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05 Mar 2015 10:03 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Gabbar, Dances, Wishes and Holi
Gabbar, Dances, Wishes and Holi | watch it
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2013 - Vivacious Vamps of the Year

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COMMENTS FOR 2013 - Vivacious Vamps of the Year
Menuka Adhikari's picture
03 Jan 2014 01:22 PM - Menuka Adhikari (not verified)
Supriya Kumari was the best vamp of the year 2013.
Radhakirshna's picture
01 Jan 2014 12:27 AM - Radhakirshna (not verified)
Supriya Kumari deserves for the best vamp of the year 2013.
dreamer's picture
20 Dec 2013 02:42 PM - dreamer (not verified)
Wilson 's picture
19 Dec 2013 05:26 PM - Wilson (not verified)
Kamini-- You actually act like a kamini. Too good acting. I am your fan.
Aaron Rock's picture
19 Dec 2013 05:25 PM - Aaron Rock (not verified)
Sweta at times you act really really selfish & bitchy. I like it. Fantastic work. We all enjoy watching your part in the serial.
Anita Menezes's picture
19 Dec 2013 05:23 PM - Anita Menezes (not verified)
Sweta ever Vamp. Keep it up!
Vibha's picture
15 Dec 2013 10:55 PM - Vibha (not verified)
Vrinda u re d best !!! Keep rocking!!!
sneha shekhawat's picture
14 Dec 2013 09:59 AM - sneha shekhawat (not verified)
ur the bst vrinda , keep rocking lyk dis only luv u a tons
deepa Bisht's picture
14 Dec 2013 09:57 AM - deepa Bisht (not verified)
Supriya Kumari is the best and she would be the best & vivacious vamps of the year 2013.
manisha's picture
13 Dec 2013 05:59 PM - manisha (not verified)
vrinda dawda is best