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Double acts on TV - a trend to live on...

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COMMENTS FOR Double acts on TV - a trend to live on...
neha kureel's picture
29 Aug 2013 11:46 AM - neha kureel (not verified)
i think this time is one n only kkk is best . as vasu n mohan . he is jst brilliant . both are to diff. n he plays them soo natural. he is really a prince of tellywood forever. love him keep rocking.
Bhatnagar's picture
08 Aug 2013 04:55 PM - Bhatnagar (not verified)
The best lookalike saga is now on in Na Bole Tum. Kunal Karan Kapoor is totally AWESOME as Mohan/VASU..
Kdeewani hamesha's picture
08 Aug 2013 03:16 PM - Kdeewani hamesha (not verified)
How come Vasu/ Mohan enacted my Kunal karan Kapoor of Na bole Tum is missing?