Is Avinash Sachdev dating Shalmalee Desai?

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COMMENTS FOR Is Avinash Sachdev dating Shalmalee Desai?
Unknown's picture
24 Jan 2014 05:29 PM - Unknown (not verified)
Stop it tellychakkar enough is enough Avinash and Rubina are still together
Stop It's picture
24 Jan 2014 06:07 PM - Stop It (not verified)
Just Stop it Yarrrr...We Know Avinash and Rubina are Together..
Srigayathri's picture
24 Jan 2014 07:02 PM - Srigayathri (not verified)
If permitted.... i suggest a Jodi Breaker Award to you in ITA awards.. Pls stop spreding such roumers and make their fans depressed... May god bless Avinash and Rubina and save them for all the evil eyes
Hina ki kahani's picture
24 Jan 2014 07:59 PM - Hina ki kahani (not verified)
Hina ad Karan r not on talkin terms these days bcz of Niaha issues ad Hina was crying in her room bcz Karan doesn't talk to her tht clearly shws Hina in lov wd Karan
vimaas's picture
24 Jan 2014 09:13 PM - vimaas (not verified)
why have you cut off the other people in the pics you posted.. namely geetanjali/sameer sharma and shrenu what is the purpose of this unnecessary article????
Diya's picture
25 Jan 2014 10:25 PM - Diya (not verified)
Thats what they cropped n posted very bad, its all in twitter..these pics
vimaas's picture
24 Jan 2014 09:15 PM - vimaas (not verified)
can u put back the other people in the pics u have posted namely geetanjali (first), sameer sharma (second) and shrenu parkih thirdand stop this nonsense
aisu's picture
24 Jan 2014 11:33 PM - aisu
i thnk ths s tru !!!coz,in evry ofscrn videos wid shrenu avi stares at sum1 els..n i remembr in 1 f thm,wen avi lifts shrenu geetanjali smiles at shalmal..wel,itz his persnl lyf..let him decid..but,stil i feel :(
Marwa's picture
25 Jan 2014 02:47 AM - Marwa (not verified)
It is not true
Reshmi's picture
25 Jan 2014 06:16 AM - Reshmi (not verified)
No... never... avinash is close with shrenu...


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