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27 Feb 2015 08:28 PM | TellychakkarTeam
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Is Avinash Sachdev dating Shalmalee Desai?

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COMMENTS FOR Is Avinash Sachdev dating Shalmalee Desai?
IPKFan's picture
25 Feb 2015 12:21 AM - IPKFan (not verified)
So finally he is getting married to gf no. 14. Oh, but wait a min..... Didn't he say in an interview last Mother's Day that wives and girl friends can be changed, but mothers cannot.... Lol! What a moron
Shalmalee aka Shrenu's picture
24 Feb 2015 09:38 PM - Shalmalee aka Shrenu (not verified)
Avinash you must be blind! Both Shalmalee and Shrenu are ugly. Can't imagine you with anyone of them. Instead of Beauty and the Beast, it will be the Handsome and the Ugly
TheCheapAstha's picture
24 Feb 2015 09:31 PM - TheCheapAstha (not verified)
Hey Avinash, Where is your good taste? Must have gone when doing the vulgar show. First Shrenu and now Shalmalee? Both are not good looking. Is that why you have changed yourself to look so ugly just to suit these two girlfriends?
Ebplicious's picture
24 Feb 2015 11:50 AM - Ebplicious (not verified)
They are getting married in June. They are already engaged
naina's picture
05 Feb 2015 01:56 PM - naina (not verified)
Avinash.... Shrenu is perfec for u .marri her.
Alia Malik's picture
27 Sep 2014 10:54 AM - Alia Malik (not verified)
Yuck, how can he has so ugly girl friend like Shalmalee Desai. Avinash deserve a girl like Prianka or sharda Kapoor not this girl, her face is square . I think that Shalmalee is after her that why she left her 4.5 year boyfriend.Anyway we will be very disappointed if Avinash has such girlfriend.
Ranjita's picture
23 Jun 2014 04:22 PM - Ranjita (not verified)
U people are making this little thing into big deal. If they wanna date so what the problem with u crazy people just leave them alone. I'm younger than any of u I'm 11 year old I saying this because people are spreading thing by this stupid article I would just say keep it up go on on your career until Lu find someone special that u think would make a great life partner
sameera m's picture
11 May 2014 02:52 PM - sameera m (not verified)
what is the truth???????? pls tell me whethe avinash loves shrenu or shalmalee desai? and also avinash sald that they are a gang of 5members . who are that 5 members
Chandu Yadav's picture
15 Mar 2014 12:19 AM - Chandu Yadav (not verified)
shalmale tweeted... people r clever creating false stories and makes u think doesn't it
neetu singh's picture
10 Mar 2014 01:17 PM - neetu singh (not verified)
Well said radha , karan if u have seen them why didn't you capture them in mobile camera or other means of source