Karan Kundra-Kritika Kamra patch up...are in love again?

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COMMENTS FOR Karan Kundra-Kritika Kamra patch up...are in love again?
anjali311's picture
31 Dec 2012 04:49 PM - anjali311
If dis is true.... den it's d bestest New Year Gift.... Thank Tellychakkar.... :)
kaifi's picture
31 Dec 2012 06:23 PM - kaifi (not verified)
no its not true.....
nimisha's picture
31 Dec 2012 05:09 PM - nimisha (not verified)
guyz even madhura naik is flying to thailand now wht is this majra but best new year gift
cherry227's picture
31 Dec 2012 06:18 PM - cherry227 (not verified)
this is the best new year gift ever!!! fans have been dying to see King and Queen K back for a long time now... looks like love triumphs all! 2013 looks so much brighter now :)))
neetusxm's picture
01 Jan 2013 08:14 AM - neetusxm (not verified)
This is false news. Karan confirmed it on twitter today. And in the article that mentions Delhi needs more women.. he was referring to a female soldier and not Kritika!!!
amitkaladi's picture
01 Jan 2013 03:34 PM - amitkaladi (not verified)
its true.. Pic which vishal singh posted had Kritika with others. Same pic posted by karan has been cropped and only rest of them is shown
true fan's picture
01 Jan 2013 05:32 PM - true fan (not verified)
lGH's picture
10 Jan 2013 06:58 AM - lGH (not verified)
I knew it. It was his selfish behavior that caused their breakup. I hope he is a changed man, or Kritika needs to dump him.
Atik's picture
27 Feb 2013 06:59 PM - Atik (not verified)
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dinelson's picture
02 Mar 2013 02:56 AM - dinelson (not verified)
This is just what i've been looking for. Thanks for the recommendation.


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