Kunal Karan Kapoor's past love-failure, reason for him to keep aloof from girls?

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COMMENTS FOR Kunal Karan Kapoor's past love-failure, reason for him to keep aloof from girls?
Monica Kulkarni's picture
07 Mar 2013 07:24 PM - Monica Kulkarni (not verified)
STOP INTERFERING INTO OTHERS LIVES TELLEYCHAKKAR. To top it u put a disclaimer that UR NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT U PUBLISH IN GOSSIP SECTION. Kunal doesn't have any one in his life, not because he cannot handle his emotions. The problem is that he is loyal to his emotions. The people he met so far where too materialistic.
Sharmila Gupta Sen's picture
07 Mar 2013 07:57 PM - Sharmila Gupta Sen (not verified)
Why u guys came up with this article..??? Who gave U right to discuss about his personal life..!!!! If one relationship of him didn't work in past,that doesn't mean he's unlucky in Love in real life. "His problem is that he is a confused guy who wants people around him, yet needs his own space. No wonder people who are close to him move out and he feels bad when such a thing happens."...I failed to understand where is the "problem" and where is the "confusion"...!!! Every human being needs his/her own space....and also need people to live...where's the problem..?? How come u arrived to a stupid conclusion..!!!! Don't u need ur space and also people with whom u love to spend time..?? Pls...don't reopen any chapter of the past unnecessarily and hurt someone's emotion...!! There are many positive aspects in his life..Pls write about them....He's a Flawless actor...an amazing photographer...a very down to earth human being...Pls write articles on this topic instead of these gossips. One failed relationship doesn't prove anything...there is no problem with him...neither he's a confused guy. Stop calling him unlucky in love in real life..unnecessarily...!!! It's so DISGUSTING...
Jonaki's picture
07 Mar 2013 08:04 PM - Jonaki (not verified)
Everyone is entitled to a private life. Such articles make a mockery of what a person who is private goes through. You should focus on the man's immense acting skills, not try to dig up dirt!
Avanti 's picture
07 Mar 2013 08:11 PM - Avanti (not verified)
Clearly KKK has arrived,hence all this gossip. Leave the guy be, please. He's as normal as you or me when it comes to affairs of the heart. Don't hound him with things like this. Write about the things that matter like his IMMENSE TALENT!
Janvi Acharya's picture
07 Mar 2013 10:07 PM - Janvi Acharya (not verified)
U guys dont have any other job...pathetic to core.who gave u rights to talk abt a gentleman like Kunal....U should maintain trust of ur own celebrities...this type of cheap tactics will give u no good...just see rangmunch guys and learn from them..they have so good rapo with celebrities....shame on u guys,u dont have any right to interfere with personal life of anybody.
anjana menon's picture
07 Mar 2013 10:45 PM - anjana menon (not verified)
May god bless him to get the best girl in his life so that he can forget his bitter past...!!!
souji2008's picture
10 Mar 2013 02:31 PM - souji2008 (not verified)
Guys...pls leave him alone.. Kunal is probably the best actor on television.. immensely talented... a wonderful photographer..well-mannered..lives life in small things.. his interviews reveal what kind of an honest person he is..he just failed in one relationship..how many of us are not.. we really dont know the facts..the fact that he was hurt deeply at that time shows how he is committed to a relationship..in this world of fragile superficial relationships, m really happy to find someone,who is actually so serious abt his relationships. The girl who left him didnt deserve his love.And who said being emotional and crying are serious personality issues. And who doesnt want his own space.. v all do...he is so much like us.. Kunal is definitely going to find someone who loves him for what he is..not what others want him to be.. so pls stop pestering him..
Debasmita's picture
02 Jul 2013 12:18 AM - Debasmita (not verified)
Lots of good wishes and success to him,may he get all the happiness in life,his emotions are his own
it hurtz's picture
14 Mar 2013 04:33 PM - it hurtz (not verified)
Stop this nonsense, if you don't know about the emotions, don't publish the articles blindly. You cannot simply blame or make comments on anyone's real life. You better stop publishing other's life issues or i'll case on this website, YOU DON'T KNOW WHO AM I!, but for now another bad news is waiting for you.
sana's picture
09 Dec 2014 06:45 PM - sana (not verified)
if u r scolding dat much den i m sure dat u might b knwng da truth so say it who da heck r u and wht r u to him i mean any relatioship??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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