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21 Nov 2014 07:35 PM | TellychakkarTeam
Zain and Aaliya talk about their journey in Colors' Beintehaa
Zain and Aaliya talk about their journey in... | watch it
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If the world calls me rude, so be it; I say what I feel: Usha Nadkarni

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COMMENTS FOR If the world calls me rude, so be it; I say what I feel: Usha Nadkarni
dm's picture
14 Jul 2013 11:48 AM - dm (not verified)
what she is saying i completely agree with her ankita is older than her boyfrnd sushant ,,she cant play a college girl or unmarried girl dats y she played a married woman all the time in ek thi nayika too she played a married girl.. she looks old,she has a body structure like that rithvik,bcoz of his height he looks younger than asha asha,wearing wig and saree she looks like rithvik's badi behen but still she looks younger than ankita & she is younger than ankita
Ankita is 28,'s picture
14 Jul 2013 05:32 PM - Ankita is 28, (not verified)
Ankita is 28 years old, she will be 29 in December 2013
Jo's picture
14 Jul 2013 01:54 AM - Jo (not verified)
Actors not liking each other is normal. We all have people we don't like in like. But for Usha Maam to go on the record like this and basically trash Ankita is unfair and ridiculous. Why didn't she protest like this when the leap happened for Archana's character to have grown up children? Then she used to say acting is about character and so forth. Now suddenly she says this. Kya yaar?? And also Ankita is not even the oldest. Mrinalini Tyagi (Teju) even said she is older than her on screen aai (Ankita). Apparently Ankita is just 25. This is unnecessarily catty and mean. And saying "so be it I say what I feel" is not good enough to be rude and mean spirited.
nomango's picture
13 Jul 2013 05:06 PM - nomango (not verified)
I love her. So happy she's honest. I totally agree with her and support the young actors. I can't wait to see her new show.
irony's picture
13 Jul 2013 04:12 PM - irony (not verified)
Nothing wrong in what she has said. I don't understand why fans are attacking her for calling a spade a spade.
Miss Attitude's picture
13 Jul 2013 03:12 PM - Miss Attitude (not verified)
ankita ka dimaag to purana kharaab hai - these are examples of even before the leap, ab toh aur insecure ho gayi as for the looks, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
sahana.'s picture
13 Jul 2013 02:21 PM - sahana. (not verified)
so cheap minded... i haven't seen any actor talking ill bout their own co-star.. in reality Ankita look even younger n pretty den her onscreen daughter.. not only me every1 knew it. the word straight forward doesn't suit u so pls Savita Ji.. Stop all those nonsence
being blunt's picture
13 Jul 2013 01:33 PM - being blunt (not verified)
Ushaji known to be candid and frank. nice of her to support the younger actors. I think the show should shut shop. Very unfair that every article speak of actor's high-handedness on the sets since Jhalak 4 days but channel keeps running the show like a battered scrap.