After KSG's exit; more drama in Qubool Hai; Shabnam Sayed quits over creative differences?

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COMMENTS FOR After KSG's exit; more drama in Qubool Hai; Shabnam Sayed quits over creative differences?
annanya ksgian's picture
08 Jan 2014 07:38 PM - annanya ksgian (not verified)
ooooops and they called ksg unprofessional everyactors r leaving them,that proves who is guilty karan being a good frnd and professional,never speak about screenspace or his track,he always smiled and supported the show,and they called him unprofessional hope it end soon karan singh grover one and only asad ahmed khan
priya0318's picture
08 Jan 2014 07:44 PM - priya0318 (not verified)
we have had enough of illogical story in qubool hai and we really dont want a new asad. KSG was tailor made for that role and for the first time i could admire and appreciate someones acting so much. KSG did an excellent job as asad
AMC's picture
08 Jan 2014 07:48 PM - AMC (not verified)
It seems Qubool Hai has become Quit Hai. What is Zee gonna do now? Call her unprofessional too just because she sttod up for something she doesn`t feel it`s the right thing to do.
anagha 's picture
08 Jan 2014 07:54 PM - anagha (not verified)
Best of luck for shabnam. She is taken right decision.
guin's picture
09 Jan 2014 09:26 AM - guin (not verified)
Actors are leaving,viewers are leaving, then for whose sake are making this show Ms.Gul? Kindly you also quit the show. It's not any more qubool hai it's now quit hai. Good luck with your next project.But you do make serials great.
maarina's picture
09 Jan 2014 07:53 PM - maarina (not verified)
aha, so that ... Why leave such players, one by one - because they are amateurs or for that late on set or because they come at the set drunk, yes, I think it is .... because otherwise explain. ... Karan Singh Grover as I suffered too much this state of affairs ....
SHABOO's picture
10 Jan 2014 02:00 PM - SHABOO (not verified)
Well, no doubt tt the previous 2 shows of this PH were super hit. Geet got so much popularity n then IPKKND was A BLOCKBUSTER. It just didnt get popularity in India but ALL OVER THE WORLD. And i think the PH also knows this very well. That was becoz EVERYTHING IN IPKKND WAS TOP CLASS, ENTIRE CASTING, STORY, TITLE SONG, MUSIC, AND TOP OF THAT BOTH LEADS. They really CREATES HISTORY IN INDIAN TELEVISION. But htis show?? Well, from begining I REALLY DONT SEE A STORY WHICH REALLY ATTRACTS AUDIENCE. Its just tt public knows tt their shows r based on Romantic Love Story so just bcoz of few Romantis scenes... But now the show is running like A CRAZY... No story, no loggic. Better to finish it.

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