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Anas Rashid declines Nach Baliye as Rati Pandey is not his wife yet

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COMMENTS FOR Anas Rashid declines Nach Baliye as Rati Pandey is not his wife yet
Sahillee43's picture
01 Feb 2013 10:05 PM - Sahillee43
ye bakwas jodi h bilkul bakwas .............
snow007's picture
16 Dec 2012 08:33 PM - snow007
Rati never denied nor accept this relationship but this article is again very confusing and not be trust able, so TC team plz take a joint interview to clear all this issues 4 fans as well as 4 media and also for your creditability(as TC highlight this news more then anyone else)
saherish's picture
15 Dec 2012 05:01 PM - saherish (not verified)
They should either accept it or deny it ...DOn't use it for publicity and don't lie
SsJ's picture
15 Dec 2012 11:53 AM - SsJ (not verified)
i know TC articles are not meant to be trusted but if they are indeed in a relationship then i am really happy.....they are perfect for eachother
saher's picture
14 Dec 2012 10:33 PM - saher (not verified)
So after lying for all these years he has kind of accepted it..liars..
Yukti's picture
14 Dec 2012 09:50 PM - Yukti (not verified)
OMG :O I cant believe this...Anas words are hinting something else now...till now both denied to be together and now suddenly his words are like there is something more than friendship :O