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Ankita to play double role; Rithvik, Asha, Shruti, Shakti to quit Pavitra Rishta?

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COMMENTS FOR Ankita to play double role; Rithvik, Asha, Shruti, Shakti to quit Pavitra Rishta?
litty thomas's picture
24 Jun 2013 03:12 PM - litty thomas (not verified)
arvi is only going to reunite instead of some good arvi scenes after all the waiting we have been gone through they are taking a leap......its better to end this show
dhanashree's picture
24 Jun 2013 04:50 PM - dhanashree (not verified)
Moat of the viewers r warching this show inly for arjun and purvi. and hoping for their reunnit inted of doing these y they took such decision? after leap and without arvi serial will become boring
Merina's picture
24 Jun 2013 05:09 PM - Merina (not verified)
So it means Arjun Purvi reunion is not in the cards?...
vinu's picture
24 Jun 2013 07:00 PM - vinu (not verified)
How archana playing granddaughter when genitics dont match
mayura's picture
24 Jun 2013 08:18 PM - mayura (not verified)
plzz end this show is now become boring
saj's picture
24 Jun 2013 10:28 PM - saj (not verified)
i only watch pavitra rishata for rithvik and asha!!!!!
priya12's picture
25 Jun 2013 12:35 AM - priya12
well i wonder weather the cv's of Pavitra Rista gone mad?????????? after a long long wait when we can at least hope that Arjun-purvi will be back together and we will see some lovely romantic ArVi moments once again this news broke my heart..Most of people still watch the show only for ArVi and we don't want a 18 years leap again in the story..and if Asha and Rithvik quit the show at least all ArVi fans including me will never ever watch the its better they end this show....
nine's picture
25 Jun 2013 12:51 AM - nine (not verified)
ooh emm gee :O :O :O whts left in d show Pavitra Rishta more to sell in d name of entertainment Ekta Kapoor??? hav u gone nuts or u forgot d long bak concept of d show?? o.O though I knw after a certain period ur all d serials screenplay & story line sounds same to same... but wht d hell is this?? it was a show between d Pavitra Rishta of Manav, a graduate mechanic & a 26 yrs old girl Archana who left illiterate for d sake of her family... who faced prblm in her marriage bcz of illiteracy & evntually got togather wid Manav after a lot of hurdle :) till this d story was fine... but u made it as usual a KHICHDI... brought a bunch of new kids in d name of LEAP & changed d leads but showed d old story wid new faces -_- and again a 20 years LEAP... what will u show in this SADAKCHHAP serial anymore u mad woman??? again d old ghisa-pitha story wid a lot of new faces again :O do u hav any shame or not?? please I beg of u... END THIS CRAP NOW... BOHUT HUA... AB BAS KARO... AUR TORTURE SE MUKTI DILAO SARE VIEWERS KO :-/ :-/ :-/
Chahat Doshi's picture
25 Jun 2013 11:30 AM - Chahat Doshi (not verified)
Ok for 1 I don't watch it. The little girl that the soap queen wqill show all grown up is The result of Arjun and Purvi's "Pavitra Rishta". Purvi is not Archana's biological daughter So how can her child look like Archna? Soap Queen please have some almonds and give the same to your team. This is a fiction show but itna bhi fiction mat show karo. Senseless. Why can't she start a new show with Ankita where she will get to play a younger role instead of this hotch potch? She really thinks that her viewers have no brains and if the viewers accept this they really have no brains. Sorry to say but for her shows you need to be brain dead to be a fan.
Iris's picture
27 Jun 2013 12:44 AM - Iris (not verified)
She will play role of Ovi's daughter not Purvi's. please read. Ovi is Archana's biological daughter.


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