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Ankita to play double role; Rithvik, Asha, Shruti, Shakti to quit Pavitra Rishta?

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COMMENTS FOR Ankita to play double role; Rithvik, Asha, Shruti, Shakti to quit Pavitra Rishta?
sunil's picture
07 Nov 2014 02:35 PM - sunil (not verified) per cament ker dena sir
sunil kumar rathor's picture
07 Nov 2014 02:33 PM - sunil kumar rathor (not verified)
sir. susante@ arechana aap ka ye siyeral acha and family ke dkhene ke liya acha h vree nice love stori aapki ye stori dakne me acha lgetha h ..........thanku pvitre restha
tyjveerj's picture
04 Jan 2014 04:42 PM - tyjveerj (not verified)
AndrewAnthony's picture
21 Sep 2013 04:27 AM - AndrewAnthony (not verified)
yes you read right pavitra rishta is zee tv'd future so matter how ekta kapoor and ZEE TV try to keep the the show on air a few actors still wants to ruin ZEE TV.ZEE has been the oldest indian blockbuster GEC channel for over 20 year and i love and adore you ZEE TV please whatever you do keep pavitra rishta on air at all cost.
Ria's picture
23 Jul 2013 08:04 AM - Ria (not verified)
Remember Ovi and Arjun had that one last night right before she walked out on him. At that time I was predicting she's she didn't tell anyone....ovi lives in canada and then has a daughter who comes back to india to get answers from her dad that why did he abandon her; And then falls for a young handsome dr who takes away all her bitterness and later the story reveals that that young dr is son of Onir and Shalini :)
akash sonwane's picture
28 Jun 2013 10:07 PM - akash sonwane (not verified)
what about soham and gauri,can we see them after leep in serial...........
arvi reunion's picture
27 Jun 2013 12:44 PM - arvi reunion (not verified)
god..........whta had happened with ekta and the production company.. don't they know that thousands r watching the show for arvi......... ankita in doubble role-the greatest blunderin the history of pavitra rishta
megha jain's picture
26 Jun 2013 06:39 PM - megha jain (not verified)
I m very dippresed with it i see this show because of arvi ,arvi is only reason for watch this show how can this possible that ankita is play the charecter of pari it is impossible .pari is porvi's daughter and porvi is not archana daughter i m not happy i want arvi in the show
aisha8's picture
26 Jun 2013 02:57 PM - aisha8 (not verified)
It's better to reunite Arjun-Purvi show some of their marriage sequences and end the show than have a leap. Anyway, if Rithvik & Asha quit, won't be watching the show with its messed up tracks.
neel's picture
19 Oct 2014 10:56 AM - neel (not verified)
we want that arjun & purvi should be see in the show again ..