Ankita Sharma all set to play a pivotal role in Colors' Rang Rasiya

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COMMENTS FOR Ankita Sharma all set to play a pivotal role in Colors' Rang Rasiya
Rekha's picture
14 Dec 2013 01:26 PM - Rekha (not verified)
gabbar-Kitni aunties hain rangrasiya main do hain malik do do aunties ghrrrr
Fardeen's picture
14 Dec 2013 01:29 PM - Fardeen (not verified)
Varshali's picture
14 Dec 2013 01:36 PM - Varshali (not verified)
upcoming flop old ladies show.IN AUNTION KO KYA NAAM DOON
grah's picture
14 Dec 2013 08:02 PM - grah (not verified)
they are aunties today u will be one too one day...
vandana's picture
19 Dec 2013 01:00 AM - vandana (not verified)
so your 30 year old mother is old....right....this is the sickest mentality of the so called "modern generation and broad-mindedness" i have faced till date....shame on you who use such words....and ppl here calling Barun seems you ppl are more Jobless than him .....having no other work and commenting useless things on an article and that too for a person who is not even mentioned in the article......this is the impression you ppl are putting on other ppl about ipk fandom...shame on you all...such impure hearts fillled with jealousy and hatred.....
pooja's picture
14 Dec 2013 04:03 PM - pooja (not verified)
Ye neeche wali INSECURE AUNTIES ko aur koi kaam hi nae lagta he :p jaao apni FAT aunty behno ko dekho jaake
Jen's picture
14 Dec 2013 07:26 PM - Jen (not verified)
Hahaha FLOP Barun Sobti fans posting out of jealousy because their favorite actor is jobless doing "movies" that will never release, he looks homeless these days. While Sanaya Irani is coming back with a highly anticipated show on Colors by a big PH that will no doubt be a superhit. Stay jealous losers, you are as jobless as your favorite actor.
Maa's picture
15 Dec 2013 05:06 AM - Maa (not verified)
LOL right, because Sanayas show Chhanchhan was a super hit with her ethreal acting and flawless beauty? It had the highest trps right?? Atleast Sobti doesnt have problems with co-stars and hasn't never ever been in the news for tantrums? Oh right only flawless daaals can have tantrums and still be the most professional actress on this earth. Sanaya Irani literally has three expressions 1.Oh look im hyperventilating 2.Oh look im a bechari 3. O look, im trying to do caaamedy
yoyo's picture
15 Dec 2013 04:40 PM - yoyo (not verified)
Absolutely well said! There a so many tv actors who tried der luck in bollywood n still struggling der n have done so many films, bt i havent seen any of their films release by far! Same thing is gonna happen wid barun too! He left a show wich made him popular, he is going to pay one day! Looking at his attire it doesnt seem like he is doinv ne work coz d stylists certainly wont give him all full grown beard n junglee look! Atleast sanaya is doing shows n mind it- good shows! M happy for sanaya! All d best darling! U'll rock!
chillpill's picture
15 Dec 2013 08:32 PM - chillpill (not verified)
So next time you get a job or change one we will wish you fail in the job and come back to your old one. that's how your wish for Barun sounds


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