Asad and Zoya to get married in Agra in Zee TV's Qubool Hai

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COMMENTS FOR Asad and Zoya to get married in Agra in Zee TV's Qubool Hai
preethi11's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:27 PM - preethi11
we dont want asad & zoya's nikha!!To hell with zee!!to hell wid gul & especially the bloody creepo raqesh vashist!!
Somya 's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:35 PM - Somya (not verified)
We don't care anymore. Viewers wanted to see AsYa nikaah with KARAN as Asad and not some random replacement's nikaah with Zoya. It doesn't bother us anymore if they get married in Agra or US. To hell with Zee
Parul 's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:38 PM - Parul (not verified)
Nobody cares anymore. Viewers wanted to see the nikaah of AsYa with Karan in place of Asad. RV cannot act to save his life and we have seen how horrible he is. Nobody is interested in watching Zoya's nikaah with a random guy.
Fareesh's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:42 PM - Fareesh
There is no question of accepting this wedding.Fake Asad is not even good in 'faking' the expressions,let alone bring life to the intensity of Asad.Bring our original Asad, KSG back or qh and zee can both go rot in hell!
NILUSHI's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:44 PM - NILUSHI (not verified)
Yes that's right, I'm back! On the forum proper I mean, I haven't been reading/commenting on posts and stuff. Haha not sure if anyone missed me, not sure if the same people are even around. But anyway for people who're new, I'm Green, and I mostly write and share fiction on this forum, adding my two cents in once in a while. So before I start doing that again, I thought I'd share my two cents about the change in Asads first. See in my mind, there are not only 2, but 3 versions of Asad that QH has seen. QH started with Asad V1: Zoya's pairing with Asad V1 was the one that made me fall in love with AsYa and inspired me to write fictional stories about them as well. This was the Asad that got me hooked to the show, basically. Then QH saw Asad V1 gradually change into Asad V2: I don't know how many people will agree with me, but Zoya's pairing with Asad V2 no longer held that charm that was there with Asad V1. I don't quite know how to phrase it either, but it just really felt like something had changed, and something was off. I'm not just talking about the hairstyle or whatever, but this Asad was not the Asad I used to know. Maybe it was because of the ZoYaan track, but all I know is that despite my initial happiness about their reunion thereafter, I still found myself craving for scenes like the ones we'd seen with Asad V1. Despite the random bursts of anger shown by Asad V2, I felt like Asad had gone soft, and the chemistry with Zoya was no longer as explosive. I was no longer inspired to write about this version of AsYa. And then in a sudden turn of events, I found myself facing Asad V3: My initial reaction to this news was: HELL NO. I even decided that there was no way I was going to watch QH now. I skipped one or two episodes before Asad V3's entry, and then I realized that you know what? I actually missed the other characters, even the ones in Haseena Bi's pagalkhaana. Simply because I'd been watching this for so long, I'd gotten attached to the characters, and the story. Then it struck me, I was attached to Asad's character, the one that Asad V1 portrayed so beautifully. And it was missing a little in Asad V2 anyway, so why not give Asad V3 a shot? So I did. The first few scenes didn't leave me too impressed, but then I decided that hey, the poor guy's just trying to get into the skin of the character that's been thrown to him out of the blue. I shall cut him some slack. Then it got better, his portrayal of Asad's character, and what sealed it for me were the episodes this week. Sure, Asad V3 will never be Asad V1, but that's because while it is possible to understand and enact a character, it's impossible to mimic the personal style that was brought into Asad V1. Asad V3 has glimpses of his own style, which I have grown to accept as well. His chemistry with not only Zoya, but all the other characters he has interacted with so far has been pleasant to watch. I watched Zoya fall in love with Asad V1, and so naturally, I wanted to see the whole love story reach completion with Asad V1 next to Zoya. But when Asad V1 had already become Asad V2, the chances of that already seemed bleak. I personally don't see Zoya's scenes with Asad V3 ever reaching the standards of Zoya's scenes with Asad V1, but it's got a charm of its own, a charm I have slowly become fond of. Besides, after spending all this time on QH, how can I not watch the revelation of the century, the Abbu reveal?? I'm enjoying QH more now, than I did with Asad V2. But I'm still not enjoying it as much as I did with Asad V1. But I guess all I'm saying is that I've made peace with this (: Can't wait for the next episode now! (:
tuna's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:48 PM - tuna (not verified)
We viewers always wanted asad-zoya marriage but with KSG as asad....we can't see anyone else in the place he has created.No offence to RV ,and we are not interested anymore,let them do what they want,either bring KSG back or face downfall.We have given our love and time to the show for more than a year but it seems that the channel doesn't care anymore about the viewers.
Movita Tumma's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:48 PM - Movita Tumma (not verified)
what the hale.... ZEE TV ka attitude esa hai viewers ke liye ki "DEKHNA HO TO DEKHO VARNA JAO" pure ek sal hum subne is niqaah ka wait kiya, or ab kya mil raha hai DUPLICATE ASAD ke sth niqah... ?? ye RV jise koi pasnd nhi karta, 1-2 log ise 1 chance dene ki bat kr rhe the ab to wo bi maan gaye ki KSG ki jagah koi nhi le skta fir bi qubool hai team ko OR ZEE network ko samjh nhi aa rha...
ksgdiehardfan's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:50 PM - ksgdiehardfan (not verified)
The new asad doesn't even know how to act..and we waited 15mnths for asya(kabhi's) nikaah n now ur doing it with a new face..hate u ZEE and PH! U ppl neva care about viewers and to gain TRP's u'll show cheap romance b/w the leads. Shame on u ppl. R.I.P. QH!!
Anuradha Seshadri's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:52 PM - Anuradha Seshadri (not verified)
This will be the ultimate nail in the coffin. The show will breathe its last. Already the asads character is ruined day by day by the replacement and now this. Going by Asads nature, it has been several times shown in the show itself that Asad doesnt like pomp and show or any kind of public show off. Asad would have preferred to marry zoya in a simple nikah cermony as a family function or at a dargaah, Taj Mahal riduclous. Dont shove more craps down our throats. Please bring back the Original Asad KSG and end you show in a good note
rida rashid's picture
30 Jan 2014 02:53 PM - rida rashid (not verified)
hate fake asya


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