Ashish Sharma gets on-field training in direction on the sets of Colors’ Rang Rasiya

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COMMENTS FOR Ashish Sharma gets on-field training in direction on the sets of Colors’ Rang Rasiya
desertrose's picture
16 Feb 2014 09:41 AM - desertrose (not verified)
Awesome. The man knows it all, can see the perfection in his performance too. Sigh waiting to see Major Rudra indulge in physical training.
colors's picture
16 Feb 2014 07:17 PM - colors (not verified)
Why Mr.Ashish Sharma is getting too much grooming by Nautankifilms and Saurab Tiwari? First they spend 5 to 10 crores on him just for first few episodes of the show and in those episodes they hardly used Sanaya .At one point the viewers were thinking may be she was a second lead to Laila character lady Ankita Sharma. Then the show started going into the drain.Now they are training him in the art field also. No wonder he gives Sanaya cold shoulder where as she is trying hard to establish a good relation.But now she has a very good valid point to people who say the show is not doing good.she can simply say Nautanki never given importance to neither to her nor her character and that reflects. Nautanki looks like simply using her name to sell Ashish Sharma.Looks like he got lot of influence behind the cameras.. Now they realized and they are hiding Laila character and trying to show romance between Rudra and Paro but it really sucks. Laila charcter and Rudra character are simply doing everything before so now no matter how much romance track they show between Rudra and Paro it won't be appreciated by viewers at all.His character is already tainted.
richa Yadav's picture
17 Feb 2014 12:57 PM - richa Yadav (not verified)
See Sanaya Irani is a fine actress and Ashish Sharma is equally good actor so no point here to compare their characters coz when the story demands they are gonna show the romance etc. i am in love with Rudra he is brutal yet very good at heart he takes good care of paro in the serial.
Neelum Guha's picture
08 Nov 2014 01:39 AM - Neelum Guha (not verified)
You Amaze Us with Your Passion for Out of the Ordinary!! Direction: Your Interest in Direction is Admirable!! Mr AmitabhBachchan always Said"I only Do what the Director Tells me to do!! I Don't Do Anything"!! The Director is All on The Sets.. Ashish's Talents sparkle on the Screen Keeping us Staring.. Jaw Open in Stark Amazemenet!! His Wealth of Work we have seen"ChandraGupta Maurya" "Gunahon Ke Devta" "Rab Se Sohna Ishq" & The Icing on the Cake Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat in " RangRasiya"! Every Character has been depicted & Woven With Different Threads!! That Is Ashish Sharma's Dedication & Intensity of Work & The Characters he Builds!! Is it the Actor in Him in Front of the Camera OR The Director- Interest Built Up in Him that makes him Visualize Scenes! I hope his Acting Talent supersedes All & We See Him in More & Much More Zapping Roles!!! & Also Jai Ho !!To His Directorial Appetite!!

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