Birthday wishes to Gautam Rode and Mohit Raina

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COMMENTS FOR Birthday wishes to Gautam Rode and Mohit Raina
anahita's picture
14 Aug 2013 02:35 PM - anahita (not verified)
Happy Birthday Gautam, May the year ahead realize all your dreams
Deeps's picture
14 Aug 2013 10:44 PM - Deeps (not verified)
Many happy returns of the day to both Gautam and Mohit. May you always be happy, healthy and wise.
rakhi's picture
16 Aug 2013 11:05 AM - rakhi (not verified)
waoo...mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki 14th Aug goutam ka bhi birthday hai...mayne mohit ji ko usidn wish kar d thi...koi bat nhi,thori let hi sahii...but i m wishing u a very happy birthday to you u.
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