Comedy king Kapil Sharma “breaks down in tears” seeing his sets on fire

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COMMENTS FOR Comedy king Kapil Sharma “breaks down in tears” seeing his sets on fire
mishti's picture
26 Sep 2013 09:30 PM - mishti (not verified)
it went to bad i hope that every thing will be good soon ..even i liked your show THE COMEDY WITH may god help u....
rekha's picture
27 Sep 2013 02:28 AM - rekha (not verified)
take this issue as a another learning experience for u so don't think much about this our prayer and god blessings always there for u comedy kings will not Cray we r always there for u
Bhupinder singh uk's picture
27 Sep 2013 03:40 AM - Bhupinder singh uk (not verified)
I am sad all about what was happend on ur comedy set but Don't b worry kapil this is life look forward millions of people blessing with u thank god u and ur entire team safe and I hope u will come out from this very soon I know u r a very strong we love u and we love comedy nights we watching ur show every week even again and again and we r very thankfull to u gave us such a wonderfull 2 comedy show thanks again
shehlamalik's picture
27 Sep 2013 06:00 AM - shehlamalik (not verified)
pl be strong . Time will heal everything
prince razz's picture
27 Sep 2013 08:02 AM - prince razz (not verified)
i m from nepal n i heard that kapil such a big comedy star get loss n saw teras in his eyes i got shocked.he iz da best n good performer in comedy so he is a pride of india so may god bless him.may he overcome da loss
Dhanish srivastava's picture
27 Sep 2013 10:45 AM - Dhanish srivastava (not verified)
Love u kapil allways ..........
Sree's picture
27 Sep 2013 11:38 AM - Sree (not verified)
Don't worry kapil all will be well soon.we r with ur program and strong!!!god is testing ur patient and ur dream.plz be strong and I bet u will be back with bang in no time.
catty's picture
27 Sep 2013 11:45 AM - catty (not verified)
god blesss you kapil Don't take tension we love you.............................
kanchan Dhuper's picture
27 Sep 2013 12:06 PM - kanchan Dhuper (not verified)
We are always with you kapil ji...May god Give you Lots of Love & Power so that you will overcome this loss. LOVE YOU A LOT DEAR..Waiting For YOUr LOVE & LOts OF Laughter...........GOD BLESS YOU .....
sakshi dev's picture
27 Sep 2013 12:47 PM - sakshi dev (not verified)
kapil.. dont worry.. i know u r very strong person plz dnt cry i m from delhi and i luv ur show... seriously..... meri mom hamesha bolti hain agar studies nhi krogi.. toh comedy nights with kapil nhi dekhne dungi... only for ur show i really study all the tym...n... i luv ur show ... kapil..... rockz and all the entire team is the best...


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