Divya to slap Sarita in Zee TV's Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed

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COMMENTS FOR Divya to slap Sarita in Zee TV's Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed
Niktans's picture
01 Oct 2013 02:00 PM - Niktans (not verified)
This is pathetic yaa..Divya should 1st c wat Raj is doung rather than blaming some1 else..
dr.pragz's picture
01 Oct 2013 03:50 PM - dr.pragz (not verified)
why to slap Sarita? She should slap Raj............
simple girl's picture
03 Oct 2013 04:47 AM - simple girl (not verified)
I think sarita shoul end her feelings for raj and start a new life with vikrant, I think sarita should pay more atention to her husband and not looking at raj all the time, and raj should really leave sarita alone because he always wanted to be with divya so what his problem now that he has the one he always wanted? I think he is acting to stupidam
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