Drashti Dhami lets her hair down...parties her heart seen in this picture

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COMMENTS FOR Drashti Dhami lets her hair down...parties her heart seen in this picture
arunima sree's picture
28 Jan 2013 07:06 PM - arunima sree (not verified)
what r u guys upto why any actress or actor dont hav a personal life n mind u this pic much much before thn her DMG days
maneetlover's picture
28 Jan 2013 07:20 PM - maneetlover (not verified)
Shut up TC!! Why the hell r u posting only pics of GC and DD.Stop ur cheap publicity!Hate ur site for ur low standards.
NiNe's picture
28 Jan 2013 10:42 PM - NiNe (not verified)
why r u TC guyz so behind Drashti??? is thr any lack of other stars or ur readers r not interested in them dat 2 grab popularity u r behind only Drashti... u morons :/ this pic is so old... may b 5 years old pic... and why so much interest in some1's personal life u stupid people... kisine tum logon se pucha humein DD k personal life k bare mein janna hain... ya phir woh star hain tho unka personal life ka bhi ab publicly PDA karna hoga u duffers:/ please sudhar jaao waqt rehte... warna jootiyaan padhenge tum logon ko :/
Maneet bindass's picture
28 Jan 2013 11:15 PM - Maneet bindass (not verified)
U guyz are pathetic. Bolte hai na kutte ki dum ko kitna v sidha kar lo wo sidha nahi hota. Ye photo recent ki nai hai bahut din se hamare pas hai. Idiots tumhari favourite kali mata debina ne kya kia hai ek bar ja k youtube pe dekh lo or himat hai to article banao uske upar.dd ki image spoil karne me lage ho but aap kabhi suceed nahi hoge n for us dd is evrythng. Dd ne tumlogon ko madhubala set pe nai jane diya na usi ka badla le rahe ho waise v dd ab tumko koi interview nahi degi. Idiots
shabnaaz's picture
28 Jan 2013 11:53 PM - shabnaaz
i think celebrity personal life is none of our concern offscreen she is herself drashti dhami not geet or madhu so she is free and can do what she likes and above all this is an old pic .she is a human being too so she like to enjoy with her friends so let her live her life as she want we cannot interfere in anyone personal life for me drashti is an execelent actresse love her
Taareyfanatic's picture
29 Jan 2013 05:31 AM - Taareyfanatic
what the hell tellychakkar? u guys are crazy
mishtidrashti's picture
29 Jan 2013 11:07 AM - mishtidrashti (not verified)
trying to get your back on her, eh? how do you know there is alcohol in that bottle? we use beer bottles to store water. ever thought it cud be that? of course not coz u people are out to malign her ever since she banned you guys. a very wise decision on her part as your kind of journalism is disgusting!!!
abu's picture
29 Jan 2013 01:27 PM - abu (not verified)
Can't find what is wrong in this pic. Didn't you play this game? People has to stand in awkward position like that here. Drinking? She is 21+ I guess.She got the international right to drink! Silly how ppl live in old age. Still wants every girl to be a gharelu housewife. Those are available in TV serials only, not in real life. Change your backdated thought!
riya G's picture
29 Jan 2013 04:40 PM - riya G (not verified)
huh we know TC u wanna sabotage DD's image wid ds .. coz I m not getting any reason give sucha an article .. neither it belongs to ne news nor its about gossip .. in fact der was nothing only dat u wanna focus on d snap where Dd is consuming some kindda drink .. may be hard or soft .. who cares .. wat do u wanna prove? supoose she is having alcohol so wat?? so many ppl do .. n if for a man its natural y try to create an issue on a woman having it?? huh .. anyway taking hard drink isn't a crime .. me too have it while partying n I m sure d article writer also do .. so stop using such cheap tactic on her .. n just get a life
Gia's picture
22 Aug 2013 10:23 AM - Gia (not verified)
Hehe, fanatics are so hilarious. We all know how Drashti is in real life, a home-wrecker and a bitch of first rate. Wasn't it her who danced in skimpy clothing in some b-grade item song? And fans actually defending her? Wow, is there no end to hero-worship? :D So funny. She is just a tv actor.

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