Expect high-end drama in Zee TV's Qubool Hai

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COMMENTS FOR Expect high-end drama in Zee TV's Qubool Hai
asya's picture
25 Jun 2013 11:29 PM - asya (not verified)
if u dont make asad and zoya united i will suicide ,i live to see dem happy and they r not get dem married .all my friends hav stopped seeing qh bcoz of tanveer
asya's picture
29 Jun 2013 02:51 AM - asya (not verified)
I don't know what the writers are thinking I mean Zoya knew what Tanveer was planning so isn't it obvious that she staged the whole incident also Tanveer drugged Zoya once so isn't it possible she did same to Asad. How is it that none of this crossed Zoya's mind. I can understand she is upset but at some point she should realise that it was all a drama concocted by Tanveer. PS Any smart thinking person would realise Asad was looking passed out rather than asleep. Please writers give your lead pair some brains not only Tanveer.
Rajvi's picture
17 Jul 2013 05:49 PM - Rajvi (not verified)
Plzzzzz let asad and zoya marrryyy....!!!! saraswatichndra kumud is nt wid her love n d same thng is happnin here...dnt let do such happn....!!!!
anisa 's picture
17 Jul 2013 10:29 PM - anisa (not verified)
tanveer u witch let them get married
mahira's picture
14 Sep 2013 02:04 PM - mahira (not verified)
plz dnt separate asad & zoya.dnt get da worst track in qh.
abira's picture
23 Sep 2013 10:37 PM - abira (not verified)
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