Going strong: Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput

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COMMENTS FOR Going strong: Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput
Jalindar's picture
30 Dec 2009 08:11 PM - Jalindar (not verified)
Hi, Ankita Sorry Archana You R Really Mindblowing. We R Fan[My Family, friends,Nabours] We Love
Jalindar's picture
30 Dec 2009 08:17 PM - Jalindar (not verified)
Really We Are Crezzy this Show Pleeeeeeeeease Archana Understand Manav. We Love You Lot.
nidhi's picture
22 Jan 2010 12:21 PM - nidhi (not verified)
manav & archana looks lime RAM & SITA. their jodi is the best jodi i ve ever seen. Hope in real life they become the couple & ve a happy life life together .i realy want it to happen.
Altaf's picture
30 Jan 2010 03:57 AM - Altaf (not verified)
Hi Archana & Manav !!! I, and our entire family, won't miss even a single episode. You both have performed so well that you both seem to be real couple. But there is something which says you both ARE ACTUALLY made for eachother. You both appear to be Ram-Sita jodi. Guys, if you both are going around together. There are many families who'll be happy and will bless you both with good wishes. Good luck, I'll pray God to fulfill both of your dreams. I know you are actors/stars, but please be REAL at heart.
Mahidhar's picture
06 Feb 2010 09:05 AM - Mahidhar (not verified)
Hi both Manav and Archana look like real couples and I feel you both shouldn't be separated in serial or in real life.
simone's picture
06 Mar 2010 09:23 AM - simone (not verified)
i really wish that both of you could be husband and wife in real cause two of you make a really good couple i love both of you very much
Namita 's picture
17 Mar 2010 07:19 AM - Namita (not verified)
I love you guys and the show...I really wish Archana and Manav would get married in real life. You make the cutest couple on-screen and off-screen. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! P.S. Manav you are soo damn hot!
yogesh  chaudhari's picture
26 Mar 2010 02:04 AM - yogesh chaudhari (not verified)
you are really well god bless you.
neha's picture
04 Apr 2010 07:01 PM - neha (not verified)
I love u so very much that i have started being completely like u archana unknowingly that all in my family call me by my new name archana i love u u r v hot and manav looks cute only with you Hope u both marry in real life god bless u PAVITRA RISHTA ALWAYS ROCKS!!!!!! LOVE U ARCHANA-MANAV
sonia's picture
04 Apr 2010 07:37 PM - sonia (not verified)
guys...m in love with u n pavitra rishta.....ur chemistry is g8 ul can make a g8 chemistry in real life 2..i wud love working wit ul..god bless u


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