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Going strong: Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput

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COMMENTS FOR Going strong: Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput
raiya's picture
10 Aug 2012 09:20 PM - raiya (not verified)
sushant &ankita u r my favourite couple.i hope u love each other in real life also as in your show
anee khan's picture
20 Jan 2011 04:28 PM - anee khan (not verified)
hi ankita&manav ur couple is too gud i m big fan of u
harjot's picture
30 Nov 2010 08:57 PM - harjot (not verified)
hey ankita&manav ure very cute couple and im very big fan of u
Pawan belaganj gaya's picture
28 Nov 2010 10:25 PM - Pawan belaganj gaya (not verified)
Archana and manav your chemistry is very funtastik & you are the best couple in telivision history
samreen's picture
24 Nov 2010 01:12 PM - samreen (not verified)
hey Archu n Manav really u r made for each other yaar...i love u guys sooooooooooo much..
thilakshi's picture
10 Nov 2010 08:52 AM - thilakshi (not verified)
ankita u look so nice,cute & FRESH.U JODI IS MADE FOR EACH OTHERS.we want to see u in another series.rock
Anonymous's picture
25 Sep 2010 03:17 AM - Anonymous (not verified)
hey archu and manav it would be great seeing u guys together forever in real life too........ u match up THE BEST..........
Shalinii's picture
04 Sep 2010 01:42 PM - Shalinii (not verified)
Hey ankita n sushant r just made for each other...........plz get married.......
rohit kandhari's picture
24 Aug 2010 11:53 AM - rohit kandhari (not verified)
ankita and sushant are the best couple. please get married . i would like to see you both of them as a married couple in real life also.
vinay's picture
12 Aug 2010 08:08 PM - vinay (not verified)
Hey Ankita & Manav...plz go ahead for real MARRIAGE... You are the "BEST COUPLE" i think... love u so much ARCHANA