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Gurmeet and Debina join Facebook... again

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COMMENTS FOR Gurmeet and Debina join Facebook... again
gcdewani's picture
09 Oct 2013 04:25 PM - gcdewani (not verified)
congrats gurmeet debina for opening so happy pls aceept me gurmeet
Anonymous 's picture
09 Oct 2013 05:22 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
You guys are beyond pathetic in your chamchagiri for these two ppl desperate for publicity! All this so this jobless idiot can get votes for Nach baliye! Next time plz right an article about when they go out to lunch or shopping it's important let me know about that too I feel!
Byatander's picture
09 Oct 2013 05:58 PM - Byatander (not verified)
oh these two have suddenly decided to sell their branding for nach baliye 6. A rare tv couple indeed to be cast in nach baliye 5 shriman shrimati and nach baliye six. So why didnt you guys launch a joint page because apart from private videos i do not think any of you have promoted anything remotely professional. True debina bonnwrjee is now wife, only coactor, only reality tv partner, manager, spokesperson, goddess, proprietpress of gurmeet choudhary the wimp. Arre does the man speak at all or not? Have never seen such unprofessional actors who have a questionable body of work and a reputation built with talent of others. And tc sometimes dare to do an analytical story on the so called chpydharys and their marriage of convenience. They have rolled slush funds to buy fans, opinion and now even journalists like you. Unless u have chosen to be their agent.
Shalini prasad's picture
09 Oct 2013 06:12 PM - Shalini prasad (not verified)
arre khud hi world ka greatest hacker maidan pe utri hai....bhaaagooo. More videps from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with her toy boy. She thrives on negative publicity too. So she is happy. Wonder how gurmeet, who has shied away from professional branding with popular co stars, drashti dhami and kratika sengar, hopes tp push his wife's aspirations now, having propelled himself on the star power of two brilliant careerist professional independent women actors. This man can hardly qualify to be superstar. Becos superstars keep their professional and personal lives separate. Yahan toh just i can stay witb debina in a jail too 24
radha 's picture
11 Oct 2013 01:59 PM - radha (not verified)
agreed good one
Rekha's picture
09 Oct 2013 06:15 PM - Rekha (not verified)
Thanks for coming on fb
arvi's picture
09 Oct 2013 06:32 PM - arvi (not verified)
nb is coimg that way this drama couple is doing this
arvi's picture
09 Oct 2013 06:32 PM - arvi (not verified)
nb is coimg that way this drama couple is doing this
Niraa 's picture
09 Oct 2013 08:10 PM - Niraa (not verified)
Cant give request to Gurumeet sir.. plz consider this as far as possible bcoz lots of friends have been there already
leena's picture
09 Oct 2013 08:43 PM - leena (not verified)
pleas come back in punar vivah you and arit ji


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