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I am not having an affair with Asha Negi: Rithvik Dhanjani

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COMMENTS FOR I am not having an affair with Asha Negi: Rithvik Dhanjani
aayushi's picture
30 Apr 2013 09:28 PM - aayushi (not verified)
i wish ki rithvik n Asha bcome a couple in real life...n hope so ki pVitra rishta me bi inki jodi waps as a couple aaye...
ankad's picture
30 Jan 2013 09:10 AM - ankad (not verified)
media should leave them they are very good friends so uploading pic doesn't mean dat they are dating.i also want to see them as a couple bt only if dey are happy.
ankad's picture
30 Jan 2013 08:54 AM - ankad (not verified)
You didnt see rd's acct,rd always posts their pics not asha,he posted asha's pictures also.asha posts her pics with other costars rd posts only their get ur facts correct.
yada yada's picture
27 Jan 2013 08:49 PM - yada yada (not verified)
TC plz get ur facts correctly!!! Asha hardly posts pics of her n RD on twitter!!! Itz RD who mostly does that!!! Nd postin pics of ur costars doesnt mean ur datin them!!! Asha posts pics of her other costars tooo!!!
Anon's picture
27 Jan 2013 08:45 PM - Anon (not verified)
Asha Negi is so beautiful and talented..whoever she ends up with will be a very lucky guy ;)
Swayana's picture
27 Jan 2013 03:41 PM - Swayana (not verified)
Hey He Still,He is Purvi's Arjun.
unanimous 's picture
27 Jan 2013 01:32 PM - unanimous (not verified)
is they anymore an on screen couple ? is they lead couple at all ? is arjun lead at all ?
Ayur's picture
27 Jan 2013 02:28 PM - Ayur (not verified)
Agree with above comment. Get your facts right. Asha does not keep uploading pictures of her with Rithvik. Rithvik himself has probably uploaded more such pictures on Twitter.
senjam's picture
27 Jan 2013 01:29 PM - senjam (not verified)
When did Asha upload rithvik & her pictures in social networking sites? Please get your facts right