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I am open to marriage right now: Sana Sheikh

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COMMENTS FOR I am open to marriage right now: Sana Sheikh
Shivaranjan's picture
24 Apr 2014 03:16 AM - Shivaranjan (not verified)
Started achieving success in such a early age with a lot of hard work and balancing life between RJ and actress wonderful !!!!!! u r awesome, & don't change u r self & u r acting reflects u r real innocents and sweetness amazing!! love u. Marriage its destiny.
8 mryn's picture
21 Apr 2014 11:20 PM - 8 mryn (not verified)
Hey sana,i lov u alot in gustakh dil,dont gv a f#ck bout wat all these people say bullshit stuffs bout regrdng tht sleepn wit a man in drunken stage or wateva!! These people r simple narrow minded idiots who cannot mke out d diffrnce between wats in TV n wats in reality,if they wnt to blame u fr ur negativ role dn dey shud do it to d director of dt serial right?? Fuck u all sana haters!!stupid narrow minded idiots nincampoop
Bashir Ahmed's picture
17 Mar 2014 02:14 PM - Bashir Ahmed (not verified)
Having attractive by watching you on the TV, I recalled the role of young SAVI in Hasratein back in early 1995. The innocency noticed (in 1995) still very much prevails rather fine tuned. I sincerely advise you to maintain your dignity and be selective in all walks of life. I wish you all the best as an actress as well as a nice human which you are.
Harsh K Shaa's picture
28 Feb 2014 07:24 PM - Harsh K Shaa (not verified)
Hello dear....i m dancer..i m biggest fan of u...your show gustakh dil really nice....
mel's picture
31 Jan 2014 03:16 PM - mel (not verified)
dear sana i wish you all the best
Dinesh kumar's picture
26 Oct 2013 05:43 PM - Dinesh kumar (not verified)
sana ji aap bahut bade act.. banoge sai baba aap ke sath hai
Dinesh kumar's picture
26 Oct 2013 05:22 PM - Dinesh kumar (not verified)
hi sana ji aap ne gustakh dil me bahut accha kaam kiya hai me roj gustakh dil dekhta hun bahut accha lagta hai
jaysh's picture
10 Mar 2013 11:29 PM - jaysh (not verified)
hope you dont mess up another mans life in reality ... stupid character/role
Rakshanda Rahman Misha's picture
09 Mar 2013 08:05 PM - Rakshanda Rahma... (not verified)
jaysh's picture
10 Mar 2013 11:28 PM - jaysh (not verified)
ya all the fans of roli and siddhant want you dead.. ur roles sucks ..... its shows how cheap a woman can get just because she wants to sleep with a married man ..i mean get screwed before even getting his concent for marriage...we all hate this role... sorry if you feel offended,but this goes to the director of the serial..