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It's 'Friendship V/s Love' in Dil Dostii Dance as Aditya plans his tactful moves

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COMMENTS FOR It's 'Friendship V/s Love' in Dil Dostii Dance as Aditya plans his tactful moves
subi's picture
26 Aug 2013 11:48 AM - subi (not verified)
plz its a humble request to u plz bring back the kriya itz difficult to see the rey and swaron after a 2 years swayam and swaron get close and know this adi producing the misunderstanding b/w them plz change the track i really want to see the swaron and swayam romance why he has to suffer always plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz palki don't do this and i hope so friendship always be there in the d3 group itz a bond of the show plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
for god sake bring kria back's picture
23 Aug 2013 09:26 PM - for god sake br... (not verified)
for god sake bring kria back palki............... d3 has become worst when kria left n the admin of this page i dare u to show this msg on this page u r not showing msg of any kriyansh fan , just showing thing the msg of vrinda's fan who doesnt even know how to act.........
Gehna Kishore's picture
23 Aug 2013 01:13 PM - Gehna Kishore (not verified)
I just gave up on SwaRon and waiting patiently for their peace life TOGETHER since 2 years. After we recieved, ab phr sey post confession 2 weeks ka romance, Vrushi beemar, and phr yeh sab drama! Its not less than a star plus show, please notice that!!
SONALII288's picture
23 Aug 2013 12:52 AM - SONALII288 (not verified)
palki mam plzzz dont be partial with vrinda fans. in case of swaron u bring sharan character back. for shilpa fans i bring shilpa again after 1yr but for vrinda fans terminate her character and separate taare. plzzz bring vd back. i didn t watch any epi after vrinda left.
mustafa's picture
22 Aug 2013 07:58 PM - mustafa (not verified)
I don't like the recent episode of d3 . I want to see the romance between sharon and swayam. Because they come together recently and what about the wishes of swayam .please reply
Sarahhh's picture
21 Aug 2013 11:23 AM - Sarahhh (not verified)
D3 sucks so much since taani vrinda left!! Palki your show is a joke now just end it
D3 haters's picture
20 Aug 2013 07:28 AM - D3 haters (not verified)
Nonsense nw everythng hs finished so u cv r heading dis crap 1st Taarey nd Vihna u seperated.... D3 ws our life but u snatched it frm we well noe D3 is jz bussiness for u.... U askd VD to lve de show....nd nw lemme tell u wotever u do to make over D3 won't effect us...D3 is ended for u frm de VD left.... U nd ur creepy D3 jz go toh hell nd 1 mre thng wot did u said swaron lubstory..but u only spoke dt dis is nt lub story show its abt dance haan so wot hapnd nw.. Suddenly it bcme lubstroy.. Y dun u admit dt sz a silly rzn to throw out vd frm de show Dis was our VD who kindly tolerated ur dis bloody bheavour.. Hatss off VD...nd nw u will noe VD's value..she is de shining twinlikng star..
sonalii288's picture
20 Aug 2013 12:07 AM - sonalii288 (not verified)
i stop watching d3 since VD left. missing vrinda alot plzzzzzzzzzzz cv bring her back.plzzzzz palki mam bring vrinda and taare back.missing taare alot.
lavanaya's picture
19 Aug 2013 06:54 PM - lavanaya (not verified)
Urgggghhhh I hate this Adi. >.< And please we dont want any misunderstanding between our SwaRon. After a struggle of 2 years we finally got them together. Please dont seperate them. I am hating this current track and why always Swayam has to suffer??? And what is this with from 27th august there will be change in all characters??? I hope this track doesnt effect SwaRon at all as we watch D3 only for SwaRon.
cyshab's picture
19 Aug 2013 05:21 PM - cyshab
okay i thought we were suppose to be given SWARON romances and there is a romantic track of swayam's wishlist??? this is annoying..wat abt swaron dates?? hoep cvs havent forgotten abt SWARON dates ...please let us swaron fans live in peace :'( the only thing that i like is its swayam getting under focus and i hope the maha - episode isnt about rey glorification again -_- and i really really hope sharon is there as swayam's support support...otherwise its all meaningless and without swaron conversations all this drama wudnt appeal to me even a bit...I hope exclusive swaron scenes are equally maintained