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Jagya to break ties with Gauri and get back to Anandi in Balika Vadhu

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COMMENTS FOR Jagya to break ties with Gauri and get back to Anandi in Balika Vadhu
Mohinee's picture
29 Aug 2012 02:38 AM - Mohinee (not verified)
If someone errs and there is no forgiveness, then no one would wish to mend their mistakes...forgiveness is divine and it is the basis of a emotional relation, and emotions do not run on cold hardcore worldly logic...people may repent and right their wrongs if given chance...i am saying this for both sexes, if not only for males, if anandi left jagia, jagia loved her and should anandi wants to come back to jagia, i will support it...ALSO ANANDI SHOULD ACCEPT AND REUNITE WITH JAGYA SIMPLY FOR THE REASON THAT SHE WANTS TO ...SHE LOVES JAGIA SO DEEPLY THAT SHE CANNOT FORGET HIM AND THINK OF ANY OTHER MAN...And let her decide who she wants to be with...why are you forcing shiv on her who she does not love one bit and who is only and only a compromise for one would be happy with this compromise.
om's picture
28 Aug 2012 01:16 AM - om (not verified)
i started liking the show after the show started showing positiveness ,change in attitude of dadisa and the unconditional support of anandi's in -laws to her .shows can definitely influence people mind set, ,the regressive mind set of people has to change for that the makers should show anandi has a self respecting woman, she can surely be shown forgiving jagya but accepting him back sends wrong message to the world...i cant understand this why blame gauri alone and justify jagya saying he was influenced by her, jagya from childhood especially now is a prson with wrong attitude,he not only behaves badly with his family but even misbehaves with people he meet on the road, for example a poor man who offered his food thinking jagya is a poor hungry man was humiliated by jagya,lot of scenes like this which do not even concern anandi has shown him in very poor light.FOR ME JAGYA IS NOT ONLY A BAD HUSBAND, SON BUT A GOOD FOR NOTHING HUMAN BEING,as a doctor too i can say he is not sincere, he found it nauseating working in a low level people who r commenting about LOVE of anandi and jagya(jagya 's is the kind of love which is ready to jump to another gal when he finds anandi again boring)should realise this show started for showing the injustice of child marriage and is not a normal LOVE STORY........if jagya is shown accepted n welcomed by all in the family, we will see lots of jagya kind roaming this world knowing for sure they can do what ever they want till when ever they want and get away with it........
anamika22's picture
31 Aug 2012 11:38 PM - anamika22 (not verified)
Its true, love happens once and Anandi is still hung up on Jagiya.. But Jagiya is too immature to even know what true love is. And he certainly does not respect Anandi.. Had he done so, he wouldn't have hurt or betrayed her so badly. It's about time Jagiya grew up and accepted responsibility for his actions. Getting back with Anandi is certainly not the solution..
mamta singh's picture
27 Aug 2012 11:49 AM - mamta singh (not verified)
love happened only once in life and it cannot be forgetted at any stage of life. jagaya and anandi they both love and respect each other's feeling so they must re-unite. A person cannot be happy by replacing the first love by marrying the another person.
anamika22's picture
27 Aug 2012 12:41 AM - anamika22 (not verified)
Anandi shouldnot be back with Jagiya. She might forgive him, but should not accept him back as her husband. To choose Jagya over Shiv is to let betrayal, irresponsibility and insensitivity win over honesty, maturity and sincerity. Shiv and Anandi are the ideal couple and we would love to see them start a new life afresh - together.
geet's picture
25 Aug 2012 04:48 PM - geet (not verified)
i think i will love to see jagya and anandi back together, jagya loves anandi and he was unaware of gauri's misleadings even anandi and jagya's family never tried to tell him the truth of gauri, so jagya was wrong but not 100% because all them were unknowingly responsible for this. and wedding of shiv and anandi will lead to another struggle for anandi coz anandi dont love shiv. anandi's marriage with shiv will make all three of them unhappy. so i think anandi wedding with jagya is the only thing that most of us will like to see......
Shrader's picture
25 Aug 2012 12:21 AM - Shrader (not verified)
Its now upto Anandi's (aka Jagya's family). What they choose... Happiness of Jagya or Anandi. Beyond doubt Shiv is the best match for Anandi and if Dadisa etc truly love Anandi, they will wed her off to Shiv who not only loves but also respects Anandi. ANANDI_SHIV.....!!!
Swarna Madhavi's picture
24 Aug 2012 05:39 PM - Swarna Madhavi (not verified)
All is LOVE Anandi Loves Jagaya Jagaya also loves Anandi but not aware, Shiv Loves Anandi. All are binded with Love so everthing happens only for LOVE & with LOVE. I would be more happy if Anandi accepts Jagaya back because childhood loves remains forever...................
MichelleDantis's picture
24 Aug 2012 10:56 AM - MichelleDantis (not verified)
Anandi will amrry shiv!!!!!!!! she's an educated woman not a doormat!
angel85's picture
23 Aug 2012 11:46 PM - angel85 (not verified)
anandi shld marry a man she loves and who loves her, not jst to fulfill someone's last wish or jst bcoz someone has done so much for her. shiv can remain as a frnd, a guide, why only a husband? if she is not happy then what will be the difference between her child mrg and this mrg. moreover shiv wl be hurt if she marries him with this state of mind.