Jagya to break ties with Gauri and get back to Anandi in Balika Vadhu

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COMMENTS FOR Jagya to break ties with Gauri and get back to Anandi in Balika Vadhu
swatisb's picture
21 Aug 2012 10:06 PM - swatisb (not verified)
not acceptable track.. irritating and disgusting track
fatima123's picture
21 Aug 2012 10:29 PM - fatima123 (not verified)
this is just not acceptable what a disgusting track.i mean why this Indian drams always show male characters having multiple affair and it still OK for his 1st wife to accept him. this is BS
st's picture
22 Aug 2012 12:34 AM - st (not verified)
Please please don't let anandi to forgive's not acceptable, make him suffer for all the hurt and tears he brought in her life. Please please we beg you to have Shiv in Anandi's life. thank you
Vikrant's picture
22 Aug 2012 12:39 AM - Vikrant (not verified)
It would be SO wrong on Anandi's part if she decides to call off everything just because Jagya is back. This would turn viewers away for sure. Anandi's character would become so very weak
zaraa's picture
22 Aug 2012 06:49 AM - zaraa (not verified)
Please do not let Anadi go back to jagya that is not fair to shiv.
Shreya Gupta's picture
22 Aug 2012 11:11 AM - Shreya Gupta (not verified)
Well if Anandi accept Jagya than better close the serial...on that day she should confess shiv how much she love him...and not only her mother promise but even she loves shiv from heart.
ts's picture
22 Aug 2012 01:06 PM - ts (not verified)
yap i also donot like the sadness and muh latkayi huyi anandi these days. she should marry and be a good home maker with shiv instead of goin' back ti jagya who should be punished for his wrongdoings with her and his family. yeh na ho ki subah ka bhula shyam ko wapas aye to uski arti uthare aur sar pe fir se bitha le. then the serial should be called off.
ritu gupta's picture
22 Aug 2012 01:18 PM - ritu gupta (not verified)
i think anandi should forgive jagya, not for him but for herself, bcoz anandi still loves jagya and she will not be happy with shiv coz she don't love him. she still cares and love jagya. one the other hand jagya was unknown to gauri's lies and when he came to know about all this he realises that he has done wrong.
anju gupta's picture
22 Aug 2012 01:24 PM - anju gupta (not verified)
anandi should re marry jagya because she loves him and if she marry with shiv not only anandi but shiv also will not be happy because anandi doesn't love shiv she is agree to marry shiv just to fulfill her promise to her mother
ty ds's picture
22 Aug 2012 01:30 PM - ty ds (not verified)
thats a good news, now anandi should go back to jagya coz she loves him. her marriage with shiv will be only a compromise. i was waiting for this moment and i will stop watching this serial if anandi will marry shiv


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