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Jagya to marry Ganga in a dramatic sequence on Colors' Balika Vadhu

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COMMENTS FOR Jagya to marry Ganga in a dramatic sequence on Colors' Balika Vadhu
nunnu's picture
02 Nov 2013 08:38 PM - nunnu (not verified)
wt happened to sritijha we really upset
Anonymous's picture
09 Oct 2013 05:07 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
No one is siding with Gauri or Sanchi - the Sanchi character is a waste of space and adds nothing to the serial's social message. But Ganga is not a positive character - she is a pathetic excuse of a woman who is desparate for a man and clings to him and his family shamelessly like a leech for self preservation. Ganga is a cheap ayah who trapped Jagdish in her web even when she knew Sumitra hated her.
Narendra's picture
06 Oct 2013 02:30 PM - Narendra (not verified)
One Gauri or Sanchi fan commenting again and again but he or she dosnt know that truth cant be change. And his or her hatness is the bigest profe that Ganga is the best. In just few months she made her place in viewers heart. All loves her bcoz she deserve that love. I am just watching this show for Ganga Jagya.
Anonymous's picture
04 Oct 2013 01:36 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
The worst scene in Balika Vadhu was Ganga walking in casually into the Jaitser hospital with Jagya, praying at the Devi Ma mandir and sauntering coolly into his cabin without looking at or acknowledging any of the Singhs who had been so kind to her earlier and who had built the hospital for Jagya.
Anonymous's picture
04 Oct 2013 01:36 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
Sumitra never accepted Gauri. Hope the Singhs never accept Ganga who took advantage of their hospitality and clung to Jagya all the time (to be fair she also clung to the Singh family not unlike a leech) and has now married him. No sympathy at all for Sanchi but all said and done, Ganga does come across as a shameless and thankless woman who took advantage of the Singh's kindness and overstepped all her boundaries as a woman given shelter.
BV Viewer's picture
04 Oct 2013 01:35 PM - BV Viewer (not verified)
From a dependent beneficiary who had no more status than a servant maid to bahu - Ganga has finally made it with her affected behaviour, tears and furtive poems. Even now she is least bothered about her benefactors, she is too lost in her infatuation of Jagya and her need for self preservation for herself and her kid. Why couldnt this woman live independently instead of latching on to the first man who helped her? She did expect to milk her relationship with the Singhs for survival and perhaps make herself at home in the haveli forever.
balika fan's picture
11 Oct 2013 11:06 AM - balika fan (not verified)
I agree with this. Anandi.should have opened her mouth sooner. Why did she not call dadi sa or sumitra and tell her she doesnt want this marriage. They all thought she did. Even jagya did. She should have atleast told him. I am so sick of anandi standing everywhere jaws locked and craying later. Grow a backbone woman, being a good person is one thing but letting everyone walk.all over you is another. If i lived in that house got treated the way she has been by ira, saanchi and even shiv lately, i would have fought back with atleast onw of them. Shiv is the biggest idiot in all this. Typical husband listening to and sister. Grow a brain.
Lalit Dayal's picture
30 Sep 2013 09:00 AM - Lalit Dayal (not verified)
Ganga Jagya rocks. They luk awesome together. Very happy that they are married nnw. Just kick out that bitch Sanchi. Jagya family is disgusting they only think for stupid Anandi who is the real cause of all this mess. She never told truth to Jagya family. Because of Anandi's dumbness and stupidity Ganga Jagya geting curses. I hate Anandi. Wish Shiv kick Anandi n marry Ashima. Ganga Jagya will fight this battle alon their love is true they will be together always. Eagerly Waiting for post marriage romentic scens between Ganga Jagya.
buddy's picture
28 Sep 2013 01:37 PM - buddy (not verified)
what about gouri?? so far there is no trace of her?? when will she reappear??
TV Viewer's picture
28 Sep 2013 12:24 PM - TV Viewer (not verified)
Jagya has done the right thing by marrying Ganga. Sumitra is going nuts about Ganga when her own daughter Sughna had second marriage with a child and they got Anandi married to Shiv. This shows that for sons mothers can be such hypocrites. Request Ballika Vadhu makers not to spoil the loveable character of Sumitra. Meanwhile Sanchi and her silly family members the Shekhars should not consider themselves as modern at all. How have they accepted their notorious daughter's tactics. No family does that. We hope Anandi gives good sense to Shiv and her family who are blind in their notorious daughter's love.