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Kapil Sharma backs out of Sony TV's Comedy Circus at the last minute...find out why

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COMMENTS FOR Kapil Sharma backs out of Sony TV's Comedy Circus at the last minute...find out why
sonam's picture
27 Oct 2014 11:54 AM - sonam (not verified)
mai salman khan se milna cahati hu
shan's picture
19 Apr 2014 01:03 AM - shan (not verified)
one day kapil show also get same problem ...wht in kapil show same old stuff bore-wing interview ....
terry's picture
07 Apr 2014 02:31 PM - terry (not verified)
I think kapil did the right decision of moving out of the circus. Its was just getting louzy. Comedy nights is somthing fresh, somthing new. They just hav eto make sure it does not get g down the same way circus is going.
abhinav's picture
27 Mar 2014 07:37 PM - abhinav (not verified)
kapil should not do this
king khan's picture
28 Feb 2014 03:06 PM - king khan (not verified)
kitna paisa kamaoge
suman singh's picture
06 Oct 2013 11:50 PM - suman singh (not verified)
in tashbeer me do hath q uthya ha aako pta hai pehle ne kaha sayad ye do tarikh ko khuch karega dusre ne kaha sayad yedo din mai khuch karega tisre ne kaha sayad ye aashique2 dekhne jane wala hai thoko talli
mb's picture
26 Sep 2013 01:17 PM - mb (not verified)
oh cmmon kapil haters...ok tell me.if someonr will offer you a good salary more than you are gttng what will u do? he did d same thng comedy circus was famous bcz of kapil see trps.
Karan's picture
09 Sep 2013 11:16 AM - Karan (not verified)
Kapil Sharma has done a mistake.COMEDY CIRCUS ROCKS.
Princenara's picture
02 Sep 2013 10:15 AM - Princenara (not verified)
All those people who think that comedy circus made kapil famous need a reality check! He was a winner of Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The same show introduced bharti,sudesh lehri, rajiv thakur, and many more. comedy cirus paid them more and Colors did the same thing.
harpreet's picture
20 Oct 2013 06:56 PM - harpreet (not verified)
he is born from laughter challenge not from comedy circus, so he is did wright to start his own show