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Madhubala aka Drashti Dhami is a Ranbir Kapoor fan!

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COMMENTS FOR Madhubala aka Drashti Dhami is a Ranbir Kapoor fan!
abhay love pia's picture
18 Nov 2012 02:47 PM - abhay love pia (not verified)
but i don't like ranbir better she should work with rk
vandana rao's picture
18 Nov 2012 05:29 PM - vandana rao (not verified)
Drashti wow hope U get a chance to do an add with him. U look good with anybody, U have a style & look. U were looking good with Mr mayank anannd,with gurmeet what to say made a hit jodi & vivian also U look good ,so barfi boy also obviously look good with U .
 babitha vaid's picture
18 Nov 2012 05:34 PM - babitha vaid (not verified)
Gr8 choice drashti, hope to see u with ranbir in an add with u.U look pretty with GC , vivian also ok but U told U are not interested in bollywood so hope u get a chance to do an add with ranbir touch wood it will be a hit bcz u are not new to add world
abhaylovesdrashti's picture
18 Nov 2012 07:54 PM - abhaylovesdrashti (not verified)
ranbir is the lucky guy that Drashti like him !!!hope to see them together in future as DD want !!!
Maysa's picture
20 Nov 2012 03:54 AM - Maysa (not verified)
Great choice. Hope to see you working with Ranbir Kapoor.
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