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Review: Colors' Rangrasiya

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Colors' Rangrasiya
Farah's picture
03 Jan 2014 07:35 PM - Farah (not verified)
Go to the hell..TC. you always have problem with Sanaya. and for ur kind of information you are not that huge website that people will follow u reviews. Go to hell.. Sanaya Irani Rocks....!!
angelreddy's picture
03 Jan 2014 07:46 PM - angelreddy (not verified)
U guys r really really INSANE TO THE CORE....!! Have u seen any army officer emoting his expressions as freely as a normal person does...?? that too a person like RUDRA who has had a very bad past...?? such a sick review u have given...bullshit it is..! First clean ur Brains wich r filled wid doz DM saas bahu kinda dramas & thn dare to write a review..!!
abhijeet's picture
03 Jan 2014 11:25 PM - abhijeet (not verified)
Well I disagree that army officers dont express themselves. Just dont say anything for the sake of it. My father is an army officer and mind u, he is very expeessive and so are my uncles from the army. it depends from person to personn
AngelReddy's picture
04 Jan 2014 07:46 PM - AngelReddy (not verified)
I apologise for generalizing all Army officers... But i hav also mentioned dat "A person like RUDRA" who has gone through vry bad circumstances & past !
naina's picture
27 Jan 2014 07:07 AM - naina (not verified)
agree .. bulshit review.. total crap..
Khawar haider's picture
24 Mar 2014 11:22 PM - Khawar haider (not verified)
The comment in support of Rudra is excellent ......he is right as he is.....we do not find anything amiss with him. The slowness is very effective and builds up the atmosphere...and I love both Rudra and Paro....they are just beautiful ......and the story is good....But when are we going to see Rudra's mother .....that should be really exciting !
Ella's picture
03 Jan 2014 08:15 PM - Ella (not verified)
There goes TellyCrap again!!!
Khanak 's picture
03 Jan 2014 08:16 PM - Khanak (not verified)
Hmm agree with the review! Was watching since it was from the makers of Madhubala but totally disappointed everything is overly done and no impact.
RRN's picture
03 Jan 2014 08:26 PM - RRN (not verified)
See normally I don't give any importance to this kind of unprofessional review which is just meant to attaining attention. What is there, If a serial follows the format of a cinema? Tell me a single serial which is not influenced by any of the present or previous stories. Now before the show the makers didn't claim that it is a different which haven't seen or heard any where. They made it clear that it is a love hate story which will be presented differently. And as a viewer i haven't come across this kind of different narration. Pity on you for making such an article which is intended only to make the viewers misunderstand. And last not the least indian small screen audience always shows interest in either love stories or saas bahu saga. The lead actress in RR already tried a woman oriented show which failed to impress the audience. Do some home work before posting a review of an expensive show in public site.
TC crap's picture
03 Jan 2014 08:31 PM - TC crap (not verified)
I know the only way to hear praise for TC Aunty's mouth for a show would be if their God Gaymeet was in there.


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