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Review: Colors' Rangrasiya

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Colors' Rangrasiya
MKL's picture
28 Jun 2014 08:03 PM - MKL (not verified)
This is the first Indian soap I have watched. Super pairing of the two leads especially Ashish Sharma who has the most amazing smouldering looks. Hope the show goes on indefinitely-I am hooked. Looking forward to future developments between the lead couple and the other characters in the show. Maybe a love interest for Sunarey?Lots of new twists and turns in the plot and romance please. Fabulous dancing Ashish! The dance show is on par if not more enjoyable than Strictly Come Dancing -the skits make you laugh out loud. UK fan.
Umang's picture
28 Jun 2014 01:30 AM - Umang (not verified)
Fantastic Rangrasiya show and Best indian Jodi then any show, Paro and Rudra are awesome
Manish Sharmer's picture
19 Jun 2014 03:02 PM - Manish Sharmer (not verified)
Rangraisya TRP rating isn't making sense, we read that the TRP rating should be higher and also look at the TellyChakkar polls show how brilliant the show is. It is the best Indian ongoing show and also best ongoing show on Color but the TRP rating are low?. We love this show in the UK and we don't want this show to end, we love Paro and Rudra jodi too.
sum's picture
08 Jun 2014 10:18 AM - sum (not verified)
i love this searial. rodra paroo blockbuster
amirtanilson's picture
24 May 2014 06:28 AM - amirtanilson
No doubt RangRasiya is a brilliant show with a brilliant concept, I agree its creative team is really something as they never forget to do something stunningly big in every episode of 20 mints. When we talk about aacting, Sanaya and Ashish along with its team are very well familiar with the term "Acting". this can be the best team even a production house got for this drama. Paro, lady from a village with minimal qualification understand enough to protect herself and her values, no body stand for it as Sanaya os doing, well army staff is always famous for their passion and Rudra is the best representative that passion. .. All the best for RangRasiya, I really appreciate efforts of all team memebrs.
IPKKND fans's picture
15 May 2014 02:41 PM - IPKKND fans (not verified)
Super brilliant show Rangrasiya is. Paro and Rudra are the best Jodi, and this jodi have made many Barun's fans accept. We believe this jodi is better then Sarun
ANA's picture
05 May 2014 08:16 PM - ANA (not verified)
Mr. Ashish is hot. Really really HOTT HOOOOTTTTTTTT
ANA 's picture
05 May 2014 08:14 PM - ANA (not verified)
I don't miss even a single episode sometimes even watch all the repeats because of the hunk & dame's sizzling chemistry.
Shanti's picture
05 May 2014 08:01 PM - Shanti (not verified)
This is the best show on Color Viacom, Rangrasiya show and the jodi is super rocking
Neema's picture
28 Apr 2014 01:53 PM - Neema (not verified)
Brilliant show Rangrasiya but have missed some episodes, very difficult to watch on that time slots, only seen 2 weeks of the show and would love to see show from beginning but can't view full episode online because, not uploading for UK viewer's. Should get higher TRP ratings