Review: Sanskaar - Dharohar Apno Ki Season 2

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Sanskaar - Dharohar Apno Ki Season 2
Shihab's picture
08 Oct 2013 07:33 PM - Shihab (not verified)
This second season of sanskar dharohar apno ki is totally nonsense and rubbish.
neha's picture
09 Oct 2013 01:53 PM - neha (not verified)
are u sure ''sanskaar'' lovers..... actors are really the story..tooooooo bakwas.... poorest ..... there is no need to bring ss2 of this show....
soma's picture
12 Nov 2013 09:09 PM - soma (not verified)
sanskar 1 was my favourate..but this new sanskar2 is much much boring..
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