Review: Star Plus' Mahabharat

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Star Plus' Mahabharat
Nila Das's picture
17 Sep 2013 06:17 PM - Nila Das (not verified)
didn't like the fact the changed Satyavati's character in the show and those people who doesn't know that Satya vati wasn't ambitious actually her father wanted Satyavati's sons to rule Hastinapur.
mythili's picture
17 Sep 2013 06:45 PM - mythili (not verified)
I loved the episode very much.. I dnt agree that saurabh looked unconfidant .. for me he was very impressive. .
sam's picture
17 Sep 2013 07:13 PM - sam (not verified)
I don't agree with you at all....saurabh is doing full justice to his role as Krishna.
Janas's picture
17 Sep 2013 07:15 PM - Janas (not verified)
It was Satyavati's father and not her who wanted her sons to be king. The makers would do well to eliminate such discrepancies in future
lara lara's picture
20 Sep 2013 10:24 PM - lara lara (not verified)
That's true, why they are showing in this Mahabharat as woman are ruthless and need fame, not enjoying that much.
Dipak's picture
17 Sep 2013 08:03 PM - Dipak (not verified)
There are good as well as many bad things in this show. Let me go through the good things first. - Cinematography and Locations are really good. - Overall costume designs for each and every character is good and detailed. Hair of the characters' look good compared to BR Chopra's mahabharat. - Specially saree of ganga is very good that is light blue and white(like river ganga's color in Prayag) - Body armour is close to realty(as it might have been 5000 ytears ago) and believable. - Title track is awesome. - Peacock feather animation is good. Bad - Background music when satyavati is introduced is like typical saas-bahu soap opera music. - Satyavati acts like ambitious bahu. Her face expressions and dialogue delivery prove this. - Visual effects are terrible - Specially When Satyavati hunts fish(golden dolpohin really?) which looks like real childish video game. - when Santanu enters the palace it looks like desktop wallpaer and not real. - Fight sequence is really ridiculous as Dev vrata(Bheeshma) fights with the bow literally hitting rakshashas with it as if he has shortage of arrows. (which as they have shown appear as soon as Devvrata pulls the bow string) - Rakshshas look like gladiators. - Krishna fails to impress. - There are some real unnecessary shots of bare chasted Devavrata at the time of his anointment as yuvaraj. - Dialogues do not have much depth and/or meaning. - Arrows are blunt(they are no where like traditional arrows) and do not look like they will pierce the chest of enemies - King Shantanu, Bhishma and Krishna are wearing too many gold ornaments. - Satyavati being a matsya kanya wears too many ornaments and looks already like a queen. I really wanted this to work as I was expecting with all the technology available one can do justice to the great story of Mahabharat but it doesn't. Casting of the characters is not up to the mark as most of them are daily soap actors and they are acting in the same way.
Sri's picture
18 Sep 2013 03:00 AM - Sri (not verified)
Saurabh Raj Jain's (as the Lord Krishna) performance is very good, he suits well for the role. This epic serial gonna rock for sure!!!!!
Prabha, CA, USA's picture
19 Sep 2013 08:03 AM - Prabha, CA, USA (not verified)
Very disappointed with the new version of Mahabharat. The character are hardly impressive. I have not yet understood the role of Krishna. It is a very shallow version of the magnum opus version of BR Chopra.
Ramesh's picture
19 Sep 2013 04:19 PM - Ramesh (not verified)
Casting so far is is good, particularly of Bhishm Pitamah. Whatever little has been shown about Krishna is disappointing. His pronounciation is faulty at places. Sets are magnificent and costume great. Budget expenditure is visibly impressive. Bhishm pritigya could have been made more thunderous and memorable scene. Dialogues are important and remembered - therefore, must be paid special attention. At last a serial worth rushing to home before 8.30PM.
shahul's picture
20 Sep 2013 09:08 PM - shahul (not verified)
aapne mahabharat bnaai bhi bnaai bhi short shuruaat me hi jo 7 bache ganga me baha diye the unka bhi koi link ni dikhaaya... aur aj k episode me na to vyaas ji ki entry dikhaai na hi ambika vyaas ji k saamne aayi or peeli pad gyi to unhe paandav hua.. or dusri raani ne eyes bnd ki to dhritrashtra hua or teesri daasi ko bhej diya tha to use vidhoor hua... agar aap itna short me chloge to kaise intrest bnega hm dekh to islye rahe h k shayad kuch naya dekhne ko milega but aap to dikhaane hi short me lag gye...


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