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Review: Star Plus' Mahabharat

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Star Plus' Mahabharat
the best mahabharat on starplus's picture
13 Oct 2014 08:26 PM - the best mahabh... (not verified)
hats off to all team members. the best mahbharat. far better than the old one. gives each and every answer to your question. PLEASE DO REPEAT TELECAST OF MAHABHARAT.
monu kadian's picture
18 Aug 2014 02:35 PM - monu kadian (not verified)
Hello sir, lots of peoples want to see the Mahabharat after end of war. I have seen it in my neighbourhood but at that time i couldn't understand . This time krishna changed my life . I follow his point of view( updesh). I am attached emotionally with krishna's updesh. I want to see a complete film of his every updesh. I will be thankfull to you for this. I wish this show never ends.
Rakesh's picture
18 Aug 2014 10:46 AM - Rakesh (not verified)
I am felling sad that the mahabharat will not telecast on this monday ..... my simple request is show what happen after mahabharat (take some time do the shooting) how dwaraka was destoryed and why pandavas went to himalayas and how did sree krishna end his avatar and lot more .... this is a kindly request from all of my family ....good serial true story excellent words for u r effort Thanks i hope u will come back and rock it.....
Sushil Patil's picture
16 Aug 2014 09:20 PM - Sushil Patil (not verified)
Hi Sir, Lot of peoples wants to see the Mahabharata after end of War. Ex-How Samrat Yudhishtir rules his peoples.what happens with Karna's son as promised given by Arjuna.what happened with parishkit.what happened with yadav kul. In short, 90% of people are familiar about the story which your teams has displayed,but we are still want to know what exactly happened after ending of war. I hope you people will take our request seriously. thanks
Bharti's picture
12 Aug 2014 12:01 AM - Bharti (not verified)
It's an excellent show and highly recommended. This show brings light to learn about Hinduism and educate new generation and forthcoming generations. Starplus should bring more shows like Mahabharat I never missed an episode and have gained high level of knowledge in daily life to follow the path of righteousness, have courage to face obstacles and have patience.
viplav mishra's picture
28 Jun 2014 09:27 PM - viplav mishra (not verified)
I used to watch mahabharat daily.. but these it is so boring.. the recent episodes are so boring and pakau... pls make it intresting as it was otherwise the trp and rating will fall down....
Sonu's picture
11 Apr 2014 05:47 PM - Sonu (not verified)
Plz mahabarat ka repeat telecast 11.30 pm ko or 5.00 ko kiya sb
Mayur's picture
11 Apr 2014 05:37 PM - Mayur (not verified)
Hi.. I Mayur plz can u repet the Mahabharata episode on 11.30 pm or again 5.00 pm because every students won'ts to see this bt there is some time problem regarding has college and chochings.I m great fan of Mahabharata n also my frnds plz.. 11.30 pm ko rept kr diya kro.....sare students dekh paege....
lucy sachdev's picture
09 Apr 2014 03:11 PM - lucy sachdev (not verified)
Awesome show .I watch dis show regularly .wat tremendous work by d cast n crew.I wish d show never ends.
06 Apr 2014 03:52 PM - MALLAYYA PUJAR (not verified)
Hi i am from karanataka. I like very much to watch Mahabharat in star plus...this is one of the best program in TV...i liked all charecter very much in this prog for e.g Arjun,Krishna, Shakuni,Dhuryodhan,Bhishma and Karna... especialy Bheemh charecter.... Please request you to dont stop this programe in half or some others reviews and chritics..kepp on continue for the best....i sit and watch this mahabharat serial daily without fail with family every night 8:30 if i missedout i will watch on sunday with whole week episod thats nice....Thanks and All the best to Director,producer,technicience as well all charecters who made us favarate as mahabharat serial..