Review: Zee TV's Jodha Akbar

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COMMENTS FOR Review: Zee TV's Jodha Akbar
shaista khan's picture
19 Jun 2013 09:32 PM - shaista khan (not verified)
Why ekta is ruinning akbar's character.he was a very gud emperor.ekta stop telling rubbish story in form of jodha akbar as we all knw what really akbar was.........its a total fake history......
AISHANI's picture
20 Jun 2013 10:30 AM - AISHANI (not verified)
Also the selection of actors by Ms. Ekta Kapoor isn't paying off... Paridhi looks older than Rajat, and Rajat appears to be a truant schoolboy of 17, despite his clothes and get up. Natasha Sinha should've been allotted the role of a Muslim noblewoman, because she had carried it off with elan in Shivaji. Her voice doesn't suit the needs of a Rajput Queen. Even Raja Bharmal is disappointing. Although one does not want to, constant comparisons do emerge with the film version, where the characters were stronger... in terms of appearance. Plus, the camera movements are making this biopic a bit melodramatic, and constant background score is drawing it towards the saas-bahu league. Maharana Pratap is faring better because of the cinematography, the camera shots and the general ambiance created by the characters, costumes, script, dialogue. As for the dialogues, it seems as though the Rajasthani accent is being carelessly used, and so is the Urdu accent. Dialogues are the most important aspect of any form of narration, and if they are unappealing, the whole narration might fall flat. Jodhaa Akbar is unfortunately not being able to recreate the era, as Tellychakkar's article has rightly pointed out. Ms. Kapoor and her team should take extra care to bring a sense of dignified grandeur into the biopic. Mercenary plots like Akbar losing his jutis can be replaced with something heavier and more dignified, that will bring out Akbar's nature as Ms. Kapoor wants to. In other words, quite a bit of tweaking will have to be done in order to bring the serial into the same league as Maharana Pratap, or even make it better.
Kauser Usmani's picture
21 Jun 2013 09:29 AM - Kauser Usmani (not verified)
This serial is all lies. Aimed to spread hatred among different communities in India. Showing totally wrong image of Akbar the Great. It should not be aired. Both Ekta Kapoor and Zee TV are loosing is credibility by airing this nonsense
Khushdeep kaur's picture
09 Aug 2013 10:07 AM - Khushdeep kaur (not verified)
Haters will hate , but they both look awesome together.
shaista khan's picture
21 Jun 2013 11:08 AM - shaista khan (not verified)
O plss kya esa koi record he ki akbar raah chalte ladkiyon ko utha le jata kya research kia he balaji ne??????akbar was very humble kind n overall wo aurton ko bht respect deta tha.pls ye show band karo.
Samy's picture
23 Jun 2013 07:19 PM - Samy (not verified)
people who will watch this show will be either uneducated or dumb. Ekta kapoor has totally distorted everything. I do not think it is worth watching. Pull it off.
tejeshwar singh's picture
24 Jun 2013 11:29 AM - tejeshwar singh (not verified)
This serial is a foolish serial with wrong and fake story in this story there is all false story about jodha.the serial crew is just having fake rajput we will cut head but not you our pleasure to any one and in this serial akbar will catch any rajputs wife and her husband ran is a fake story,in my opinion this serial should be closed.i am myself a rajput.
AdiS's picture
27 Jun 2013 02:39 AM - AdiS (not verified)
I was looking forward to this soap but was extremely disappointed with the person chosen to play Akbar. Why does he hiss and speak. He looks and acts very artificial. The story also seems very untrue since history has always portrayed Akbar as a great Mughal emperor and very empathetic. Change the story line and Akbar if you want the soap to succeed.
rehanica 's picture
29 Jun 2013 06:27 PM - rehanica (not verified)
jodha akbar is really a nice show rajat tokas who is playing d role of akbar is just perfect who said to replace him just go to hell only he is d person who is giving his best he is better den hrritik roshan
jeevitha's picture
15 Oct 2013 10:16 PM - jeevitha (not verified)
i think Rajat has done better than Hrithik acting doesn't mean only voice facial expression and body language also plays an important role,. Any way for your information he is just 18 or 19 year old boy we all like his acting i don't think so any one can replace him for this role


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