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Rithvik Dhanjani paired opposite Mihika Verma in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui

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COMMENTS FOR Rithvik Dhanjani paired opposite Mihika Verma in Bindass’ Yeh Hai Aashiqui
RiaK's picture
20 Sep 2013 01:43 PM - RiaK (not verified)
am so happy for Rithvik Dhanjani .he's such a wonderful actor and will rock any kinda role.all the best Rithvik :) love u so excited for this.
manvikka's picture
20 Sep 2013 05:45 PM - manvikka (not verified)
Rithvik is a wonderful actor, wish it was Rati Pandey or Kritika Kamra opposite him. Waiting for this episode of YHA!
Ariana's picture
20 Sep 2013 07:08 PM - Ariana (not verified)
Way to go Rithvik!! There is no lover boy on TV like Rithvik! Best wishes
Sameen's picture
21 Sep 2013 12:39 AM - Sameen (not verified)
Good luck rithvik you are a really good actor dancing singer and lot more you can do it all the very best my wishes are always with you enjoy ?
hetal's picture
22 Sep 2013 02:20 AM - hetal (not verified)
Good luck rithvik !Enjoy ur new show.
sanurita's picture
01 Oct 2013 12:36 AM - sanurita (not verified)
rithwik congo 4 next show on bindass ..well ur allrounder bi I wish it cld bd aasha negi oppodite to u instead of mihika or rati ....yukkkkkkk dey r...vldnt even suit u...u n aasha luk perfect wid eachodr ...atlst for ur fans u should do shows wid aasha.....I wish I cld c u both TOGETHER in next serialsssss tooo Love u both:-):-):-):-).
aditya's picture
16 Nov 2013 02:20 PM - aditya (not verified)
I think vikrant is good than rithvik
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