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Roopal Tyagi and Akhlaque Khan are in love

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COMMENTS FOR Roopal Tyagi and Akhlaque Khan are in love
priyanka misro's picture
18 Oct 2012 11:53 AM - priyanka misro (not verified)
so cute jodi....made 4 each other..
15 Mar 2013 12:16 PM - POULAMI CHHETRI (not verified)
so cute......
Sajeeda's picture
10 Sep 2013 06:54 PM - Sajeeda (not verified)
so weird they look.. black & white lol.. that rupal looks so dirty
Rumynah dilak's picture
31 Dec 2013 03:33 AM - Rumynah dilak (not verified)
Yeah ur right:D dat rupal is lookn so dirty, infact she is spoiling da pic!!!
good's picture
24 Sep 2013 06:28 PM - good (not verified)
made for each other
Satyam kumar 's picture
27 Sep 2013 08:31 AM - Satyam kumar (not verified)
Kya gunjan ab mera luccky frieand mayank ko chhoor degi kya
anjali's picture
25 Nov 2013 04:08 PM - anjali (not verified)
so cute nd gunjan i rly like u
Jake 's picture
05 Dec 2013 03:55 PM - Jake (not verified)
Your smile that make me crazy.but now i'm glad that you date akhlaque. But It will nice with mayank.
ankita's picture
12 Dec 2013 05:01 AM - ankita (not verified)
they r looking so cute.