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SAB TV’s Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar gets an extension

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COMMENTS FOR SAB TV’s Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar gets an extension
sriya's picture
27 Nov 2013 04:41 PM - sriya (not verified)
yeee i m sooo happy.the best news of this ending year.bus my wish puri hoke ye show longgg run show ho jaye.
well-wisher's picture
27 Nov 2013 08:48 PM - well-wisher (not verified)
I am delighted..!! Loving the show very much...Loving Arjun as Adi...!! Hope the show gets a long extension and the show enjoys a very successful run All the best to Arjun & entire team of JBSKP
amit's picture
04 Dec 2013 07:56 PM - amit (not verified)
me and my family are based in kuwait.i m very glad to say that we really enjoy this show and learn vegitarian dishes.i love the presentation of this serial