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Sanaya and Mohit a real life couple?

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COMMENTS FOR Sanaya and Mohit a real life couple?
shagufa's picture
18 Dec 2010 06:54 PM - shagufa (not verified)
ohhhhhhhhhhh im missing u'll a lot at 9:00 clock
rashid mehmood's picture
30 Oct 2010 12:10 AM - rashid mehmood (not verified)
gunjan or samrat ki best jodi hai aap please marrige ker lain aap dono mujhe bohot ache lagte hain mei aap ka fan number one hoon
Anonymous's picture
27 Aug 2010 03:06 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
Anonymous's picture
22 Aug 2010 05:18 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
Mohit & Sanaya look awesome & we would lyk 2 c them 2gether as a reallife couple
simran's picture
20 Aug 2010 03:43 PM - simran (not verified)
hi gunjun and samrat u both luk cute together u both make nice couple. and i hope same happens with MAYANK and NUPUR. anyway wish u luk in future
Anonymous's picture
03 Jun 2010 08:59 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
luv ya...mohit n sanaya roxxxxxxxxxxxx
Anonymous's picture
27 May 2010 12:34 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
Both look cute.We wish to see mohit and sanaya as a couple in real life
SHAMSHIR's picture
06 Apr 2010 12:12 PM - SHAMSHIR (not verified)
MOHIT-SANAYA looking great together.My very-very best wishes for them if they become Real life Partner.
milhana's picture
10 Mar 2010 03:22 PM - milhana (not verified)
they r made 4 each other. they luk very nice when they r 2gether
bijali's picture
31 Jan 2010 01:57 PM - bijali (not verified)
mohit i love you