Shagun to decide to fight for Ruhi's custody in Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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COMMENTS FOR Shagun to decide to fight for Ruhi's custody in Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Urvashi's picture
31 Dec 2013 06:37 PM - Urvashi (not verified)
Shagun happy new year
Sanina's picture
31 Dec 2013 09:04 PM - Sanina (not verified)
Omg loving this drama the queen of Indian television is back
Skt's picture
31 Dec 2013 11:12 PM - Skt (not verified)
Boring story line :(
sonali288's picture
02 Jan 2014 04:20 PM - sonali288 (not verified)
nice plot hope serial will get its place in top 10 soon
Shahid's picture
02 Jan 2014 05:30 PM - Shahid (not verified)
Ruhi ko us k baap Raman Kumar k pas hi rehna chahiye or Raman ko bhi apni beti Ruhi k sath time spend karna chahiye or un ka pyar apear karna chahiye
arsh khan's picture
13 Feb 2014 12:38 PM - arsh khan (not verified)
shahid is right .......ruhi ko to raman ke passs hi rhna chahiye
kamla's picture
15 Feb 2014 12:22 PM - kamla (not verified)
Ruhi ki custody to Raman and Ishita ko hee milni chahiye aur agar custody shagun ko milti hai to phir serial nahin dekhoogi
Mohammad usman's picture
22 Aug 2014 04:44 PM - Mohammad usman (not verified)
bakwas drama
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