Shakti Mohan returns to Dil Dostii Dance

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COMMENTS FOR Shakti Mohan returns to Dil Dostii Dance
soniya's picture
01 Apr 2012 11:32 AM - soniya
if this is a joke then its really bad okay i agree its april fool but playing with our emotions like this...we hav been crying since d day we heard she was leaving d3 n nw u say shez comming back...he course was a total lie..we dont think so she has said n many of her iv's tat she is going to NY to learn dance...plzz tell us d truth n stop playing with our emotions...
Nxt_rockstar's picture
01 Apr 2012 12:04 PM - Nxt_rockstar
Is it a april fool joke???!!!! If yes, then you people must know that cracking these kind of jokes which are sensitive issues for fans is just not done...just not done.. Clarify this Tellychakkar that you are having fun on April !st or doing some serious job??!!
Aminraws's picture
01 Apr 2012 07:46 PM - Aminraws
True ?
MiniStar23's picture
01 Apr 2012 10:56 PM - MiniStar23
Is it true??? Or April fooling??
PriyaJ's picture
18 Oct 2012 08:50 PM - PriyaJ (not verified)
I don't want her to come
...'s picture
28 Oct 2012 02:52 AM - ... (not verified)
me too i love taani-rey
annabeth's picture
23 Oct 2012 08:20 PM - annabeth (not verified)
wwwwwwooooooowwwwwww. finally kriya is back. so happy.kreya live forever
mahi's picture
15 Jul 2013 03:12 PM - mahi (not verified)
i just hate kriya, her attitude, there is no sweetness in her. pata nahin bhagwan ne kaise kaise namune paida kiye hain! jo hamesha destruction leke aate hain, not only in d3 but also in amar's real life! taarey are the best because they are 'TAAREY ZAMEEN PAR'! taarey fans, don' u agree with me that they r "the best"?
Sony 's picture
10 Aug 2013 01:16 PM - Sony (not verified)
yes I agree
sia 's picture
12 Oct 2014 09:04 PM - sia (not verified)
i really don't agree with uuuuuuuuuuu as kriyaansh r the best couples in the world


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