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Shantanu Maheshwari is very helpful: D3's Vrushika Mehta

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COMMENTS FOR Shantanu Maheshwari is very helpful: D3's Vrushika Mehta
Tulsi sholaki's picture
17 Jan 2015 09:13 PM - Tulsi sholaki (not verified)
nn...'s picture
21 Mar 2014 08:20 PM - nn... (not verified)
swaron.... luv u guyz... u both rocks...
Reshma's picture
21 Nov 2013 06:23 PM - Reshma (not verified)
I love u vrushika & shantanu so much u both r the best........
aashkasingh's picture
05 Jul 2013 03:36 PM - aashkasingh (not verified)
i realy realy realy love u shantanu...........
Sanhati's picture
10 Feb 2013 04:14 PM - Sanhati (not verified)
I love u shantanu...seriouslyy.... though i miss sneha..but i know u r perfect for all..
Taareyfanatic's picture
01 Feb 2013 04:12 AM - Taareyfanatic
I still miss sneha though
suki's picture
25 Dec 2012 05:09 PM - suki (not verified)
of course shantanu is such a beautiful individual, he can make anyone at ease.