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Siddharth and Roli to drift apart in Sasural Simar Ka

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COMMENTS FOR Siddharth and Roli to drift apart in Sasural Simar Ka
Aemy's picture
01 Dec 2012 10:18 PM - Aemy (not verified)
We dunt want ROSID to drift apart.. can sum1 tell these CVs that we are hating the current story line
upra's picture
02 Dec 2012 04:36 PM - upra (not verified)
How can CV's destroy the most beautiful couple they have created.
Nobody's picture
14 Jan 2013 09:52 PM - Nobody (not verified)
I so agree with you they are the best couple in the entire serial:(
priya senthivel 's picture
02 Dec 2012 06:58 PM - priya senthivel (not verified)
plz change the story line since we do not want this to happan