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Sony Pal to launch on 1 September with nine new shows

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COMMENTS FOR Sony Pal to launch on 1 September with nine new shows
gag's picture
07 Aug 2014 07:14 AM - gag (not verified)
Very excited for these shows
yashodhan's picture
07 Aug 2014 09:55 AM - yashodhan (not verified)
I'm interested
Supriti Sahu's picture
18 Aug 2014 11:54 PM - Supriti Sahu (not verified)
I'm very very excited
pratik's picture
26 Aug 2014 11:52 AM - pratik (not verified)
arey tum log yeh pyaar na hoga kam ka doosra edition kyo nahi dikhaate. big boss ke chalte aanan faanan mein serial khatam kar diya jabki laagi tujhse lagan,uttaran,beri piya aur sabse bada pakaau serial baalika vadhu ab tak colors ne chala kar rakha hain. kripya yaami gautam aur gaurav khanna ke pair se serial banaao.
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