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Soumya Seth wants to date Shaheer Sheikh this Valentine's

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COMMENTS FOR Soumya Seth wants to date Shaheer Sheikh this Valentine's
soniadutta's picture
14 Feb 2012 04:23 PM - soniadutta
thanx for this wonderful news on valentine,hope our dreams of seing them 2gther really comes
Kayal_SHAMYA's picture
14 Feb 2012 04:24 PM - Kayal_SHAMYA
OMG my most awaited moment plz get clear from shaheer also.. waiting for his reply..
z.a's picture
11 May 2014 01:41 AM - z.a (not verified)
love u both plz cme back
dewi zean's picture
25 May 2014 10:31 PM - dewi zean (not verified)
shaheer_saumya best couple forever
Rajnandini moharana's picture
15 Aug 2014 01:17 PM - Rajnandini moharana (not verified)
I like both of u & i want to come back.