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Sriti Jha to exit from Colors' Balika Vadhu?

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COMMENTS FOR Sriti Jha to exit from Colors' Balika Vadhu?
dharma 's picture
31 Oct 2013 02:50 PM - dharma (not verified)
pls director sir don't do this without ganga that serial nobody can not see.
priya's picture
15 Sep 2013 03:50 PM - priya (not verified)
Ganga should not die. Jagya should get married to ganga eventually.
priya bhatia's picture
11 Sep 2013 07:30 PM - priya bhatia (not verified)
She is the most innocent face on tv................i love her god bless her..............wish to watch her in movies too
Priya Bhatia's picture
11 Sep 2013 07:28 PM - Priya Bhatia (not verified)
sriti is now the heart of balika vadhu ........................if she will not there it would have an adverse effect on would deecline in trps......and i dont know why
clare's picture
30 Aug 2013 12:06 PM - clare (not verified)
feeling sad for ganga i use to love watching her with jagya she is a lovely actress hope she stays other wise to watch sanchi it will be boring
raised like a princess's picture
01 Sep 2013 12:04 AM - raised like a p... (not verified)
Not She is raised just like a princess and what you call bad nature is being status conscious...!!
sri's picture
31 Aug 2013 02:43 AM - sri (not verified)
A person must be judged from his or her nature,not from their family background or money.sanchi is a drama queen.whats the use of being modern if she cannot respect her bhabhi anandi and not every rural people is ganwar.she is not from a royal family.her father is not a
She respects right people, the ones which should be .'s picture
30 Aug 2013 12:53 AM - She respects ri... (not verified)
She respects whom should be respected, Chhoti ma, daddu, Ashima, her love Jagya, she need not respect every xyz dehati...Anandi's father deserved the blunt - "mind your own business" attitude from her because he was poking his nose in her personal affairs, she may be anandi's father, but he has no right to decide whom sanchi will marry or not marry...ganwars dont know how to respect freedom, individual choice and he learned it hard way, if you are anandi's father come, meet , have tee and go and be thankful that a single , modern IAS has married your dehati divorcee daughter and if Sanchi did not want that it was but natural...she is the daughter of a reputed family, collector's sis, modern, young and highly educated...and naturally status conscious and she should be , not everyone roams with naukrani or dhobans like Anandi. Sanchi is a princess and royal blood.
rhea's picture
24 Aug 2013 10:44 PM - rhea (not verified)
Its not just about clothes,sanchi dosen't respect anyone and she is a liar too.Thats why viewers hate her and want ganga to marry jagya.
Sanchi the cool and best.'s picture
21 Aug 2013 05:06 PM - Sanchi the cool... (not verified)
Sanchi is perfectly ok. The ilzaam that the middle class rural set up mind people on her is 1) he looks down on villagers...and my question is WHY WONT SHE? The people who gets girls married off as children, get them sexually abused, beaten, and tortured, who take away all their right to even wear a bangle...cannot respect democratic and human rights and are barbaric and ignorant...I DONT SEE WHY ANYONE WITH LIBERAL, SUPERIOR MIND WILL ADMIRE THEM? She wears modern dresses and has to change...why, has anandi changed her clown attire to saree after being married to a moden why will she...its her identity? She is marrying with her will...yes, every individual has right to chose her life partner...she is single...not even a why cant she...besides she has no baggage, educated, rich, smart, hot n cool. She is marrying babhi's ex...anandi takes singh's as maika and takes jagya as fren...she doesnt avoid jagya and is involved in his life in great it wont hurt anandi...besides its just small ppl say we cant marry outside religion and caste...are ths social rules single person can mary a single or its perfectly ok. what will people say...what people said when shiv married divorcee rural woman...did ira and family care.....they dint why wud they do anything diff with sanchi..thats the beauty of city thought and same liberal attitude, equal treatment to sons and daughters...if shiv asked to marry a rural divorcee and they were ok, so they will be ok with SANCHI- jagya too, after all its bachon ki khusi ka sawal, or question of happiness of children as manipulating dadi why cnat sanchi plan to get ehr happiness, all is fair in love and war. Besides when ppl dint say anythin , even the rural ones, when singhs married off their bahu to some other paraya mard shiv when their own son came back to anandi....why wud they now say anything...its just narrow mind of some ganwar viewers. Sanchi is fun-loving...yes she knows how to live life and not a sulky boring,creature. She is not after jagya's wealth or status as she has much of all that...she loves jagya and give him every happiness...she changes herself so much, does so much for jagya.