Sriti Jha to exit from Colors' Balika Vadhu?

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COMMENTS FOR Sriti Jha to exit from Colors' Balika Vadhu?
santhiya's picture
05 Aug 2013 06:33 PM - santhiya (not verified)
this is not fair if it is true i will not watch this old daily serial!!!
rp's picture
05 Aug 2013 07:28 PM - rp (not verified)
bv is on high now only becoz of ganga character. what is this?
rp's picture
05 Aug 2013 07:37 PM - rp (not verified)
pls end the show if ganga is not there.
BV Fan's picture
05 Aug 2013 08:46 PM - BV Fan (not verified)
Shritijha is the only charecter i like in BV ... please dont remove her... drag the marriage of Jagya and Sachi long and in between let Ganga and Jagya fall in love....plz plzplz
Savetheshow's picture
05 Aug 2013 09:18 PM - Savetheshow (not verified)
It is unfair. First, Sriti is the life of the serial now. After Pratyusha left, we look forward to Sriti's scenes. Anandi's replacement is very shabby. She is harsh, almost middle aged, and does not in any way exude the innocent yet wise aura of Anandi. we hate her scenes and focus only on Shiv. Sriti and Shashank make a great pair. Second, Jagya deserves some happiness. He has paid for his mistakes. He betrayed Anandi, but being attracted to a woman at his age is not a sin. He dared to challenge an unfair custom that had the absoluteness of sovereign law. He can be happy only with Ganga. Why dump Sanchi on him? Even with best of intentions, she cannot match Ganga in generosity. She is too self centered. I have lost interest.
anomoyus 's picture
05 Aug 2013 11:13 PM - anomoyus (not verified)
no plz dont exit ganga.....i just wanna c ganga and jagdish love story
Shruti's picture
05 Aug 2013 11:45 PM - Shruti (not verified)
I won't continue watching the show anymore if this shit happens as i am only watching it to see pairing up Jagya & Ganga ...Heights of bullshit of these daily soaps...plz end this
missperfect's picture
06 Aug 2013 01:26 AM - missperfect (not verified)
we want Ganga and Jagaya only no more only watch this show for them
Areyman's picture
06 Aug 2013 01:47 AM - Areyman (not verified)
Very pleased with this piece of news. Ganga irritated me for so long. It's difficult to tolerate two girls with veil in a show. Again, Anandi not being Pratyusha. Jagya always deserves a modern girl like Saanchi. Why will Ganga's kid custody be handed to Jagya ? C'mon man. But at least better than Jagya marrying Ganga. Sriti's a good actor, acted well as Jhanvi in DSDDSB. She shouldn't have taken such boaring character like Ganga.
Jagya-Sanchi meant to be's picture
21 Aug 2013 04:39 PM - Jagya-Sanchi me... (not verified)
Yes me too, and Ganga will go off the show and Jagya-Sanchi will unite...its creative decisions and actors either dont know story in advance and/or not allowed to let out secrets no matter what Sriti says, she will go and i am very pleased....jagya is modern and educated, why he will marry anpadh, ganwar, dehati.


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