Star Plus Fiction Head Suzana Ghai talks on Barun Sobti quitting Iss Pyaar Ko...

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COMMENTS FOR Star Plus Fiction Head Suzana Ghai talks on Barun Sobti quitting Iss Pyaar Ko...
beerose's picture
17 Nov 2012 02:08 PM - beerose (not verified)
that is gopi.this is our asr.if change barun then defeintely u will see the neglect the fans fellings and ratsemotions.sp liarsand the 4
DEEPIKA GOEL's picture
17 Nov 2012 03:37 PM - DEEPIKA GOEL (not verified)
i agree with beerose this is barun nd thats jia... if barun is replaced or make as a side character then u guys just wait nd watch...we will unsuscribe starplus soon at the end of his shoot...if u dnt listen to us....
tiwaryG's picture
17 Nov 2012 02:37 PM - tiwaryG
Replacement won't change the quality of this show, it will always be pathetic, no matter whatever changes you bring out.
madhum hua's picture
17 Nov 2012 03:12 PM - madhum hua (not verified)
franklyhua frankly, this comment by her: "We have always maintained that a character is bigger for us. An actor is important in setting up the character of course, but people connect and relate more to characters than only actors. ” ....just ILLUSTRATES exactly WHY Star Plus are MISS THE POINT.....IPKKND fans DO relate to the character of ASR/Arnav...absolutely YES....BUT ONLY because Barun Sobti plays it ....!!!! NO WAY...will fans accept a replacement for barun sobti. Best for all: 1/ SP brings Barun break, after allowing him a reasonable break 2/ SP/4Lions CONFIRM (ASAP) on whatever is their future intention....else all viewers may desert...quite a few have already left as a result of this ATROCIOUSLY MISMANAGED DEBACLE 3/ If they cannot CONFIRM Barun's return, end the show...and pay the remainder cast & crew a nice bumper payout from the cash you will save....because its quite clear from all social sites (Twitter, FB, IF, forums, etc) that NO one will be interested... 4/ As it is, post Sanaya interview on Sabras Radio on Friday, we have approx 70-80% of fan feedback saying 'it's over, they are done, the road ends here, RIP IPKKND' fury at the moment at a high HIGHLY recommend 4Lions and StarPlus to do something unprecedented.....ISSUE A JOINT PRESS STATEMENT TO Journalists/Fans/Interested Parties alike....and conclude this matter once and for all....the free PR they have been enjoying has turned against them. Don't believe me?? Tune in and check out your nearest twitter TL, FB page or Forum comments..... Thx
Amera Rafique's picture
18 Nov 2012 12:20 AM - Amera Rafique (not verified)
Is she trying to say that they r not going to try stopping Barun-by giving the example of Giaa Manek?If thats the case even im not interested to c the new guy take baruns place.Pls understand-Its like Barun has constructed the building and someone else will live in it without paying the price for it.Thts not fair.Also it seems for sometime npw that Sanaya is getting bored/she too is tired n needs a break.I wonder y the serials not maintaining an episode bank when they have passed 18 months run.This will actually enable them to give the actors the much needed break to re energise themselves.Even Geet had maintained an episode bank.Wonder y this show doesnt have one.Pls write back if im missing something here.
Rbob's picture
17 Nov 2012 03:36 PM - Rbob (not verified)
How can u compare barun's role with gopi's ?? Seriously ?? Zameen aasmaan ka Fark hain !
spoorthy's picture
17 Nov 2012 03:47 PM - spoorthy (not verified)
by replacing barun's position with some random guy the show will not loose it's beauty really what crap if barun is not there as arnav then there is no arshi magic because with out sanaya and barun there is no arshi wat crap they think always i don't know
Larki's picture
17 Nov 2012 04:54 PM - Larki (not verified)
I think change is needed, Barun can't act... Viraf seems better actor...
deban's picture
17 Nov 2012 09:07 PM - deban (not verified)
barun can't act?????what is ur definition of acting then???pray explain???or do u actually see the serial or are completely immersed in hoe barun looks ????maybe that's why u missed the cating part...gosh ppl!!!!
smriti gurung's picture
17 Nov 2012 05:27 PM - smriti gurung (not verified)
haha this show is popular coz of amazing chemistry between the leads barun n sanaya,if no barun no chemistry no show why don't they just shut the show with sarun as arnav khushi


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