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Star Plus Fiction Head Suzana Ghai talks on Barun Sobti quitting Iss Pyaar Ko...

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COMMENTS FOR Star Plus Fiction Head Suzana Ghai talks on Barun Sobti quitting Iss Pyaar Ko...
Niya joseph's picture
29 Nov 2012 09:27 PM - Niya joseph (not verified)
I'm from Kerala i was a regular viewer of iss pyar ko kya naam doon?, i feel so sad,if Arnav is replased it will be a failure.
noor m's picture
19 Nov 2012 10:31 PM - noor m (not verified)
What a joke. There is no comparision between the earth and sky. We are tge fans have paid subscription to SP only to watch Barun and Sanaya. We do not wantany replacement or new guy. We want only at least to end the show in happy ending with barun and sanaya. This is a request from all the fans in bahrain for barun and sanaya
Preeti bhatnagar's picture
19 Nov 2012 01:50 PM - Preeti bhatnagar (not verified)
What nonsense! Gopi is a dimwit character of a very loud serial. Mr Barun is a class in himself and he fits to the T to the character of Arnav.. Mr Sobti cannot be replaced. For me Barun is Arnav and Arnav is Barun... Period.. No discussion and second thoughts about that...
fan67's picture
18 Nov 2012 06:52 PM - fan67 (not verified)
really?? but ithink if barun needs break he shoul be provided one but that oes not mean u should end show as hundreds are earning thier livelihood from it . it should not be stopped on one person's decision
Welovebarun's picture
18 Nov 2012 12:31 PM - Welovebarun (not verified)
Hw pathetic is dat!!! Comparing an absolutely useless character as gopi wid arnav singh raizada!!!! Sick!! Barun needs a well deserved break... Bt a replacement fr him...well no damn person can give life to d character of arnav better dan barun... we love u barun...nobody can evr take ur place in our hearts!! Blessed be!!
Minnu's picture
18 Nov 2012 12:13 PM - Minnu (not verified)
Comparing Arnav Singh Raizada to Gopi bahu shows the creativity of the creative director
saman22's picture
18 Nov 2012 01:06 AM - saman22 (not verified)
I think there is no need to compare the MightyASR with a housewife Gopi.both characters were differnt and both popularity scale is different.So better not to compare IPK with that SNS
annab's picture
17 Nov 2012 11:15 PM - annab (not verified)
This situation is going on like 2 weeks now..why sp IS taking such a long tome to sort this issue??? we, all the viewers r saying TIME AND TIME,let Barun go for his well deserved break but we want him back or end the show with sanaya and Barun.we cannot tolerate to c anybody else in Barun's shoes as ASR or anyone romancing khushi....And one more thing, hw can u compare a actress who cannot act at all , with a actor who is Brilliantly talented which is our ASR/Barun... Thank u..
Barun roxxxx's picture
17 Nov 2012 09:37 PM - Barun roxxxx (not verified)
Sanjana sharma's picture
17 Nov 2012 08:39 PM - Sanjana sharma (not verified)
Hahaha,for ur knid information this show is famous bcz of Barun & sanaya's acting & chemistry...If u think ppl will get with well with the change then forget it...Its not gonna happen