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Star Plus' Saraswatichandra under scanner; might go off-air

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COMMENTS FOR Star Plus' Saraswatichandra under scanner; might go off-air
agnes's picture
25 May 2014 08:06 AM - agnes (not verified)
saraswathichandra has low trip rate just because of its timeings. cause its work would reach its height if it would be shown after 9 .
suchitra's picture
04 Aug 2013 01:30 PM - suchitra (not verified)
one of the unique story line, perfect actors except kumud who has stopped to act cant romance then why is she there . the serial is so popular even in the villages people relate to it then how can it go off.the new track is even more interesting
hb's picture
19 Jul 2013 11:01 PM - hb (not verified)
it's really very nice story. plz apply some innovative marketing strategy for it. I have not seen it's advertisement for a long time.
vaibhavi 's picture
10 Jul 2013 07:18 PM - vaibhavi (not verified)
only thing behind serial's low trp is its time.if its coming at 9 or 9.30 then the show must have broken all the records and must be at top in TRP....
vijay patel's picture
06 Jul 2013 03:47 PM - vijay patel (not verified)
dont change any lead ...if any lead would change the serialtrp would go more down then now ..its fantastic ,,threwthatbastard ksg in dustbinand carry on with the same leads will work....also aad some morre romance in ,,,
Anonymous's picture
05 Jul 2013 08:57 PM - Anonymous (not verified)
TC, if you don't have any "comments' and everything is "no comments", then why did you post this article? And show hasnt even reached its preclimax phase n u r hell bent behind closing it. Only TRPs dont tell weder a show wil run or not. Overseas popularity also matters.
Bhawana's picture
05 Jul 2013 08:02 PM - Bhawana (not verified)
I just hope the upcoming show starrer Avinash Sachdev comes on air fast......Avi is the king of 7:30 pm....he made this slot prime time....missing u Avinash
sanjanaks1's picture
05 Jul 2013 07:52 PM - sanjanaks1 (not verified)
all the credit goes to KSG for being possessive. he can romance a girl to any extent in his show and his wife cant do it on screen also. i feel bad for Gautam as it was his first good show after TMLS. they can better change the female lead and carry on. thats all i can say.
Kunal_2004's picture
05 Jul 2013 05:47 PM - Kunal_2004 (not verified)
But the show is going correct as per the novel. If Kumud had been married to saras, the show would have diverted from the original concept. Saraswatichandra needs a prime time slot. All i hear of the show is late at 11 or next day morning.
sweetsmile's picture
05 Jul 2013 08:19 PM - sweetsmile (not verified)
you did not waste any of your time ! you learnt about indian culture and many ways to express ur self + each spoiler is not true! the complete tagline of the show is MUQAMAL MUHABAT KI ADHURI DAASTAN... AB HOGI PURI STARPLUS PAR. yes i mean it for proof see the beginning promos. this is the best show, i am a great samudian dare if you calll it garbage ! you have no rit to insult if u cannot compliment. i am sure the show will go on trp's soon and set a record of scoring well on the trp charts. ( god listens to pure prayers , and not the ones which are negetive). infact i am sure that whatever will happen infuture will happen for samud only, good and happy! infact to know wht happens keep watching sc !