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Sumit Vats turns 'ghar jamaai', Himani Shivpuri to 'dominate' men in Big Magic's next

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COMMENTS FOR Sumit Vats turns 'ghar jamaai', Himani Shivpuri to 'dominate' men in Big Magic's next
priya singhania's picture
23 Apr 2014 09:23 PM - priya singhania (not verified)
Haha lol again another show about female domination. Same as Hitler didi. Seems like you can't do anything without anyone's help. Firstly, rati was the main lead and you achieved fame because of her. The show was hit by her. Then now another show similar to hd. Lol seems like you just will never be a main lead ever. Waise tera aukad kya hai hero bane ne ki. Pls learn to act at least in this show
Ranjini's picture
25 Apr 2014 04:42 PM - Ranjini (not verified)
female domination?? in HD he dominated every1..minus rishi 1 trp..dont talk about his aukad..He was the main lead in HD & he is the main lead in this show too..he acted much better than all the star cast in HD & he will continue to perform here too
priya singhania's picture
26 Apr 2014 02:17 PM - priya singhania (not verified)
Haha ranjini nice joke. Better than everyone?? Haha iss liye na aaj tak he has no awards only gotten best Jodi award that too shared with Rati. For hd rati got numerous awards and everyone know who was the main lead there. You can be great fan of sumit but don't be a blind fan.
Ranjini's picture
26 Apr 2014 03:39 PM - Ranjini (not verified)
awards?? who cares..i hot has got biggest award i.e. love from his fans..yes better than every1..he was the pillar of HD & due to him hd ran otherwise it would have ended within 6 months..main female lead was rati but i am talking about male lead..sumit was the main male lead & just b'coz u dont like him does not change the fact..yes i am a great fan & also a blind fan..kya kare sumit hai hi aise..he is a charmer & rock star
Ranjini's picture
24 Apr 2014 11:31 AM - Ranjini (not verified)
all the best sumit..hope all your fans get to watch this show since this channel is not available for Dish tv & overseas viewers
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